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Stopped in at the two nearest Goodwills today since it's Tuesday and there's a senior discount and found three belts and a middle eastern style tunic dress, all appropriate to add to Goldkey. Back at home spent the late afternoon and evening sewing up the four white cotton undertunics and re-hemmed the muslin undertunic from Goldkey to have 'em ready for Cattle Raids this month.


Took a couple pieces of fabric I'd picked up last month and got them ready to be worn as Saxon tube dresses. I'll probably keep these for myself but they're ready to be used at Cattle Raids with Goldkey if they're needed.

Got out to visit the half price clothing sale at the thrift store, found a pair of white linen drawstring pants and a purple linen shirt. This evening was A&S where I took advantage to discuss Cattle Raids scheduling with Natalya and Zino.

Back at home I worked on the peach linen open-sided surcoat trying to make it wearable. The seams were so mis-alligned I ended up taking out all the neckline and armhole seams to re-sew it and now it's coming along pretty well actually.

And at the very end of my day we drove half an hour north of town just after midnight to see if any of the northern lights were showing this far south. I'm sorry to report they were not. It was a pretty, clear night though and the stars were splendid.


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