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Good grief! Where has this week disappeared to? The heat index stays in the triple digits, even at night the air is heavy with it. With all the heat I did lots of quiet sitting downstairs, either at the computer or cutting up white cotton scraps to add to my quilting box.


I got out and drove this afternoon, listening to an audio book as I went, Chieviarri's The Lost Quilter. I wasn't going anywhere, just driving to be doing something I guess.


Of course, I went to moot 'cause there was to be a review of plans for Cattle Raids at the end of the month. Thedrich was there to pass his budget through the finance committee, too. I'm comfortable that things are coming together and our event will be good.


I read on the internet today that the Persead meteor shower should peak tonight. After midnight we drove north and west of town to get out from under some cloud cover, just like we had to do late last fall for another meteor shower which wasn't nearly as satisfactory as this one turned out. We found a quiet country road and went to a high point to set up our lawn chairs and watched the skies for about half an hour. We both saw approximately a dozen, some we both saw and others only one or the other spotted. As predicted, they were coming every 2-3 minutes I think... we probably missed some... but it was good this time.


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