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I've got a one track mind going for the time being, pardon my rut!

Got ahold of Owaine again and he is coming with us tomorrow evening along with Aibhilin so I don't need to make two trips and we'll definately need two vehicles. On that note, Leofwyna decided to come too. That's good, both vehicles can have someone who knows for sure where we're going in case we get separated on the road.

Oh good, when Thedrich called and Leofwyna grabbed the tablet to take down his number she found the notes for the information he was calling about so I didn't need to call back when I got in. SCORE!!

At least site survey will be well attended. I hope that's a sign the event will as well.


I went to the library and Kinko's to make a special Cattle Raids flyer to leave with Rev. Krause to pass out to the congregation this week to further explain our event and invite them.

Met up with crew at Isadora's at 6pm to drive out to Kronberg for our site survey. Altogether we were nine going out to Kronberg in two vehicles. The old pasture I thought would work for archery wasn't deep enough so we did a quick switch putting archery into the softball field, fighting into the former Jacobson lawn and overflow camping (or perhaps smokers' camping to include a smokers' sunshade) into the old pasture.

In the hall we learned there is some air-conditioning in part of it which makes things considerably better. Only the big upstairs hall and two small rooms off it aren't and we can get that all opened up to air out. I'm hoping it's cool enough Friday night to blow them out thoroughly with the fans to make them much fresher. So Suzanne's vigil room has a window ac unit and has it's own access door. The main sunday school room will be cool for royalty meetings. The feast hall, kitchen and downstairs sunday school room are all comfortable for other meetings and, of course, kitchen work and the feast. I'm very happy about all this.

I have competent people handling fighting, archery, troll, A&S, MOY feast, inn and royalty. I'll deal with Gold Key and otherwise generally 'float' Saturday, finishing up with a thorough clearing and cleaning of the hall. It will all be just fine though I'm crossing my fingers that the numbers will be all I would wish for, but not more then I'd wish for. That would be a whole 'nother issue.

One more week to go then I can move on to other things. It just never ends.
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