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Today was the demo over in Iowa with the Lonely Tower group. I was just about to head out the door, just went downstairs to find a yarn needle when the phone rang. Could I stop over for a sunshade that was forgotten in the load-up of a friend. Turns out it was a good thing I was running late. When I arrived at site the welcome (for the sunshade) was quite gratifying. Although I stayed sitting quietly in the shade working on my inkle loom, it was a sunny, hot day and I faded and left after only five hours. I'm certainly glad I never took up the fighting end of things as they surely were cooking in their armor.


I got several phonecalls completed this afternoon relative to Cattle Raids coming up next weekend and made arrangements to meet with Gyda tomorrow to decide which tubs of serving pieces to have brought out for feast. Also talked to Thedrich, Isadora, and left an answering maching request for Callaghan to call me back regarding ice.

Once Leofwyna was awake this afternoon I got busy and did up the dishes (so she could do her pickles this evening) and got the lawn mowed... oh my gosh the crabgrass was getting way ahead of me. I just finished helping Leofwyna peeling and slicing veggies for her pickles and my hands are aching. The Oster sliced things too thin so we were doing them all by hand.
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