Aug. 24th, 2009


As planned I sat troll Friday 6-12... Gyda was there off and on as exchequer in training so I was able to get up now and then for this and that. 


When I set up camp Friday I found I didn’t have the hardware to put the bed together so I ended up on the ground again.  Although I felt the cold Friday night it’s probably not because I was on the ground (I had the wood slats and one of the wool blankets under the air mattress)… I could have used one more wool blanket with the one heavy and two light wool blankets I did have. 

I think I’m going to use these two light wool blankets (the ones I bought in Canada this summer) as the filler for the pieced linen camp quilts.


I had made arrangements for troll to be covered so I didn't have to be there until after ten.  I'm not very good with early mornings and this caused me trouble last year so I was determined not to repeat myself this year.  I had good reliable help for troll this morning and was able to 'let it go'.

I wore all Linen for the first time at Hidden Treasures this summer and Cattle Raids this weekend and found it good. It’s time to sort the garb wardrobe and move some things out to make room for new. The goal now is for all Linen and Wool garb eventually… I have some cotton camp garb I’ll probably hang on to and wear out myself but there’s other stuff that can be moved into gold key just as soon as I get myself better organized.


First thing Saturday when I was dressed and had their excellencies together I brought out The Project… the new baronial banner… and presented it to them so it could be used. The bull is hung!


We had a good day in court, too, with Cailee getting a baronial golden feather, a Queen's Chalice, and an AOA.  Dwolm and Randwulf were fyrded, Osric was given a Torse, Eleanor Deyeson was awarded a Silver Hammer and HE Vasilla was given a Cross.  Countess Jane is our new archery champion.


Organizing bardic entertainment for feast turned out to be… interesting? I had lined up HalfTroll myself ahead of time and then during the day had so many offers I became concerned about having too much. I didn’t need to perform myself and late in the afternoon I actually turned down an offer on the basis of too many already.  My thinking was there needed to be time at feast for general discourse, too, and of course there’s always the possibility their majesties might take up time, too. Just before feast while the populous was settling into the hall I held a confab with bardic friends about this and I then decided to narrow the field further. One of the bards was from out of kingdom and thinking I wanted to feature Calontiri I notified this individual that I wouldn't be calling on her.  Let’s just say this did not go over well at all. 


During the various courses I presented HalfTroll, _____ and Dorcas. Their majesties did indeed accept a presentation during feast and later requested another individual to perform for them (I think she may have been the same as I’d spoken to that afternoon). All was well with my timing, I think. The out of kingdom personage did make the presentation to their majesties during feast and used the opportunity to add her input to the evening; I choose not to elaborate further on this.  As for the feast, Gwyneth made it and as always it was perfection!


I was up bright and early packing and loading. I think I actually rolled out of bed by eight which is exceedingly unusual for me.  At least it allowed me to work in the shade for a good 2-3 hours getting the sunshades down and the tent cleared out.  It also allowed the tent to have an hour or so in the sun before I dropped it.  Back at home I crumped and accomplished very little the rest of the day.


When I got home from Milford Sunday I was just too beat to empty the van so I got on it this morning while the driveway was still in the shade… besides I wanted all the camp gear to have a full afternoon in the sun to dry thoroughly before I packed it up for the winter late this afternoon.   Again this evening I'm collapsed in front of the TV and I'm not doing anything further today.

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