Jan. 1st, 2010


All last night I woke up every hour or so to clear my head, drink some water, roll over and doze back off. The illness consists of sore throat, rales, fatique and I slept through a major portion of this afternoon. This evening Leofwyna was due to begin several days dog-sitting which had timed out well for having a guest sleep over for Twelfth Night at the dogs' home. But it turned out these people turned back from Iowa due to weather or the kids' temperment (not clear about that) so Leofwyna began cleaning here at home and rearranging things for the guest. I managed to get through a couple loads of laundry; just had to be done.

Just before bedtime the tree tipped over so we struggled with getting it back up and into my dressform stand as a 'fix'. I left Leofwyna putting ornaments back on it as I headed to bed. Fortunately only half a dozen glass ornaments broke... one of them was the pretty new topper we'd found this year so I'll have to be looking for another one.


I slept a little better during the night but ended up sleeping in the afternoon again. Did get some grocery shopping done so I could put together the filling for pasties and pie for Twelfth Night this evening. I also threw a bunch of recycling into the trunk to get it out of the house. I should be doing more tonight but I've completely run out of energy.


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