Jan. 3rd, 2010


There were a large number of entrants for the A&S body-of-work competition which made a lovely big display in the main hall. I made my modest contribution with my foul tarts, saxon pins and the documentation from half a dozen other projects for which I no longer had the examples to show.

Master Sash took on Shandra as his third apprentice so I have a new sister to get to know better.

www.pbase.com/fatesdefiance/image/120804111 Dolan and Kezia looked very nobly baronial in their new red and black elevation garb. Sash and Eleanore did great with it.

Although there were AoA's and Torse's given in court I can't name names as I gotta know a person to be able to remember a name past the moment. Our own Halftroll received a Golden Calon Swan for his bardic talents. There was a chuckle moment in court when he knelt before their majesties and was still taller than their seated selves. Randwulf received a Leather Mallet for his skill in Metalwork.

Sir Ashir won the 12th night combat club trophy a second year. The boon was begged that Sir Alexander be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. And of course Michael and Sorcha were given court baronies.


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