Jan. 4th, 2010


Spent a little time on the 'puter, a little time with the jigsaw puzzle, just a quiet day at home with a cat on my lap while Leofwyna sleeps and then heads out to work. I finally got myself on the ball and did up the dishes from this weekend. Didn't want to leave the feast gear marinating very long.


I got out today to the Engine House for lunch. I love their Reubins when they do it my way (without sauerkraut or Thousand Island). Then I spent a couple hours at the library. Last year I found Stirling and this year I found Bujold... what am I going to find in 2010? I spent vehicle listening time this last six months re-listening to Gabaldon preparing for her new book out this fall. (I'm still catching bits I missed the previous times through.) I'm still waiting for the library copy as there's a waiting list of 36 for that. I gotta find something new that's a good read in the meantime!

I spent some time today reviewing 2009 and find it was a very active and full year. In spite of not having a job it passed very quickly and productively. Granted I could have been even more productive without a great deal of stress as I've been rather lazy many days this year but I've decided no resolution will amelorate my behavior so this coming year will no doubt be much the same. So my apologies in advance for any lack of entertainment on my part but I'm okay with it.


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