Jan. 8th, 2010


Sat myself down to clear out the 'mailbox' and write checks and stuff. That used up a couple hours and going through email and reading up my lj used up a couple more. When Leofwyna woke up we started a new jigsaw puzzle and watched most of a movie when we decided this puzzle was tension making rather than fun we stuffed it back in its box and tossed it in the rummage sale pile. There was just no way to organize it or get anything developed. This particular puzzle was chopped in in peculiar shapes and the picture was difficult to deal with.

Since school was cancelled for the third day tomorrow we decided to wait another day before digging out. I promised I'd get the driveway cleared for her to get to work when she's up tomorrow. And it's less depressing to dig out in the daytime than at night anyway and I'm glad I was able to talk her into this. She spent the rest of the evening putting away Christmas ornaments and boxing up the tree.

I'll tell you what; I certainly hope our snowblower isn't trying to die on us. If I started the thing once I re-started it 30-40 times getting us dug out this afternoon. And cold, my goodness, it was cold out there. Maybe that's why it didn't want to keep going although I did allow the engine to warm up a good ten minutes or so before I started actually throwing the snow around. It was slow going but I finally got everything dealt with and got back in the house to warm up. I decided I didn't want to go anywhere afterall, just back in the house to warm soup, warm cat and warm electric heater in front of computer and TV.

It occurs to me I meant to roust out the yellow nest today but the weather people are promosing another cold day tomorrow and I must remember to deal with it then.


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