Jan. 13th, 2010


Talked with Leofwyna about furnishing crash space for Winter War Maneuvers and we decided we could manage this. I contacted Chiara and it's a done deal; we'll have three fighters crashing in our front room Friday and Saturday nights.

After supper we finished the latest jigsaw puzzle then played a round of scrabble which, for a wonder, I actually managed to win. This, I tell you, is a rarity for me against Leofwyna!


This afternoon I went to a couple of the closest thrift stores. One of them was having a 'traveling sale' day (one garment full price and the next four at $1) which I took advantage of bagging ten items for their fabric and a pair of sandals for next summer. At the other store I found a pair of pristine black leather shoes.

So back at home with Leofwyna gone to work I started straightening up the public areas in the house beginning with cleaning up and putting away things in the kitchen and front room.

Hello Sunshine! Got motivated to get out of the house and run errands to the bank with some LS paperwork, Kinkos to copy embroidery research and then stop in at the Salvation Army for the 50% off clothing sale before heading to the library for Moot tonight.

Finished off my day assisting Leofwyna in cleaning the refrigerator, taking out trash and compost. We relaxed from all this activity with beginning another jigsaw puzzle.


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