Jan. 21st, 2010


With all the snow on the ground and the chill in the air I'm spending a great deal of time lounging around at home. Do I take advantage of this time to accomplish anything? Well, there is the excuse of avoiding making unnecessary noise while Leofwyna sleeps but just the same I'm not doing even as much downstairs as I could. I immerse myself in the Internet or a jigsaw puzzle. I'm clearly in hibernation mode here.

Tonight I did get out of the house to attend A&S; I was one of three to do so but we had a nice discussion about glovemaking, Winter War Maneuver's and its revel, and so forth.


I got a call from NelNet today about one of my applications there so I'm being considered for an interview. I've responded to 5-6 positions there so naturally this is my least favorite choice but it is within my desired salary range and has benefits so I've got my fingers crossed that this might be accomplished. After eighteen months it wouldn't do to be fussy and perhaps getting my foot in the door could be translated eventually to a lateral move within the company.

I've got turkey legs in the crockpot with barbeque sauce and crushed pineapple for supper. When Leofwyna gets up we'll eat and go to the late movie to see Avatar in 3D.


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