Feb. 11th, 2010


I spent a quiet day home alone. When Leofwyna got up she headed out to meet up with friends planning an Alaska cruise trip. There's no way I'm going even if I found work and started Monday... well maybe if I started Monday but that's not happening. She'll have good travel companions though so I won't have to worry about her going alone. She has travel certificates from working at the same hospital over twenty years and really needs to get them used up.

Anyway, I spent the day with the computer, the cat and the jigsaw puzzle. Outside there's another dusting of snow but not enought to have to worry about scooping again.


This afternoon I sorted through my 'mailbox' recycling junk mail and reading some of the phaphlets and magazines. Found a Blue Cross form I need to run over to the doctor's office for them to fill out for me... I thought that was already all taken care of and expected it to be a bill for the new insurance coverage. Darn it, the only time I was looking eagerly for a bill!


Got up and out early to run errands, dropped off the physician's form, hit all the Goodwills for Senior discount day, and delivered Leofwyna's pies for Sabina to use during her shoulder surgery recovery. While at her house I heard my first cardinal for this year and it was already trying out it's spring song. I'd sooner believe the cardinal than a groundhog but this time I'm dubious.

So today at the thrift stores I found... gasp... a gently used dress form in my size and up and at a really, really decent price. I also found a big basket for use at JAV this spring, a VCR cassette of Murphy's Romance, a butterfly kite to use this spring, and a cotton shirt in a crayon print to use in my quilt stash. I was looking for puzzles though and didn't find anything I wanted.

It was a beautiful sunny day so I really enjoyed tooling around town to all the thrift stores. It was good to get out of the house.


Got a call from the doctor's office; they need my signature on the form and a check for the copying so I planned to drive over at the end of the day before heading to Moot. Fortunately Sash called before I left the house; he needed a ride to pickup his prescription so we took care of that too. Since I had a little extra time I stopped in at the first Goodwill I'd gone to yesterday and picked up a multi-puzzle I'd passed up since it wasn't my preferred brand; tonight we started working on the first of eleven puzzles in this multipack. The pictures aren't as nice as the brand we prefer but at this time it'll do. I just don't like to pay full price for puzzles as that would get expensive; I'll wait for more to show up at the thrift stores.


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