Mar. 4th, 2010


Today I got my seed box and the canister of LS's whole grains downstairs to remember to give them some attention. I had seen a viability chart somewhere on a blog and was determined to find it again and sort my seeds and discard old, probably bad seed and make plans for what I need to get this year. A great deal of what I have is still probably good; I'll test some of the older broccoli for viability to be safe. I dumped the rejects in the compost on my way up to bed.


I figured LS must have gotten her whole grains at Whole Foods so I called this morning to see if they could tell me what I had from the code numbers written on the twist ties. This was successful and now I know I need to find recipes for couscous, quinoa, mung beans, groats, rice, brown rice, forbidden rice and basmati. I trimmed the two linen tunics this afternoon with Gyda's excellent tablet weaving so I could deliver those this evening at A&S. Halftroll's so cute; he tried them both on right away to see how they fit. Looked good!

Back at home tonight I darned Leofwyna's favorite woolen bed socks a second time. These are the first pair I knit five (or so) years ago and I've promised that as long as I have leftover matching yarn I'll continue to darn them for her.


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