Mar. 7th, 2010

Every 5-10 years I re-read Bradley, McCaffrey, Heinlein and Tolkien. More recently I've added Gabaldon to this list though I tend to listen to the audiobooks rather than reading them. I love the voice of her reader... wish I could come up with her name but she's great!

Finally bagged up the last of the consignment returns which will be going to the Salvation Army sometime next week. Packed up a suit and tops to be mailed out to a blogger friend. Made a quick run to JoAnne's for thread and was able to finish putting together the green Norman tunic for gold key though I still need to find the trim for it. Since Leofwyna still wasn't feeling so good I rousted up leftovers for us for supper.


Being determined to find some green/white trim I know is buried somewhere in the spare room I moved 2-3 dozen boxes, opening each lid to peek in, and eventually found trim which it should have been with if I still had it. No joy.

I did pull three boxes in the process. Two went upstairs to go out of the house to the Salvation Army being denim things for a project long forgotten and no longer desired. (Or maybe Master Gerald is still looking for denim for his buffing wheel; I must check on that.) The third box was quilt blocks ready to be assembled into 2-3 tops. Now I just need to locate the fabrics needed to go with the blocks for this purpose. Another day going through boxes must happen soon for this.


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