Mar. 24th, 2010

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I made another fourteen log cabin blocks and sized out the log cabin blocks I'd made and then made repairs on a few that sized out too small. When Leofwyna got up we went to supper at Chili's (baby back ribs and onion strings, yum) and a movie. We saw Green Zone which was big on both action and making us think deep thoughts afterward although there's no indication any of this was based on a real story. I certainly don't like the idea of what some thoughtless or conniving politicians might have done, or currently be doing, to us.


I put the two chickens I found on manager's sale Saturday on to cook this afternoon so Leofwyna could make noodles for our supper. I cooled and boned the birds while Leofwyna ran some errands before a late supper. (I waited for her to make noodles because hers are nice and tender where mine turn out doughy and tough.)

My Hillshire Farm Cheddarwurst was on sale too; I put six packages in the freezer and two in the fridge but one of those has been broached already. Love 'em as Dilly Dogs... bread, wurst and dill pickle relish, nom nom nom.

I laid out blocks and figured out my lay out. Discovered I had one more red one than I needed and I need to make four more each of the blue and brown blocks before I can put this top together. I'll use the leftover strips to make a border tha will bring the size up to a regular bed-sized quilt.


Today I ran several sets of vintage quilt blocks and three vintage quilt tops through the wash (on a very brief gentle agitation and then an hour long soak) with Pine Sol to defeat the mildew smell. (They were in the bottom box in the corner where we find there's still been moisture in the basement spare room.) After washing I did NOT tumble them dry. The quilt tops got laid out in the living room (winter dry air did the rest) and I dry ironed the blocks dry, blocking them as I did so. I MUST find the fabrics I know I purchased to put those blocks together into tops. I do want to get all of these hand quilted eventually but if they doget boxed up again they will stay on the sewing room shelves, high and dry!


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