Mar. 29th, 2010

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Rode to coronation with Sabi (part of our arrangement for the gwazi coat and belt.) and Aibhilin who Sabi talked into going at the last minute. This made a nice travel set. We stayed at Olga's which Sabi was able to arrange through her household relationships so I got a chance to meet and get to know that remarkable woman. We got in about 12:30.


The step down at morning court was charmingly orchestrated to be brief. I 'specially enjoyed his majesty assigning his children to escort their mother from court after she set aside her crown. This was an unusual event in that feast was at noon instead of in the evening. This unfortunately made me rather lethargic for the afternoon and fighting the drowsys during afternoon court. I did make significant progress on the green stockings I've had in my basket over a year now after starting over the toes so many times trying to get them right. I have them both nearly to begin turning the heel.

We joined six others, including Olga and Fionna, for supper. We stopped in for a short while at revel but left before any significant mayhem developed.


We were up and on the road by 9am in the rain and I dozed a great deal between St Louis and Kansas City although I feel like I followed the storyline of the Elizabeth Lowell book we were listening to. In Kansas City we stopped for lunch at Mama's, a place featured a while back on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". I enjoyed my Baltimore Melt and Carrotcake very much. I was home and collapsed in front of the TV with cat in lap by 7pm but Leofwyna wasn't home from her evening until after ten. I did spend some of the evening stitching up the borders for the log cabin quilt... looks like there may have been just about the right amount of the strips. If I do have to extend it, it won't be by very much. Just gotta find a place to lay it out to distribute the vivid bits evenly.


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