Apr. 11th, 2010

patable2010: (Saxon)

Since it was such a pretty day I went out looking for rummage sales this afternoon while Leofwyna slept. Found a few and an estate sale too but didn't find a thing to tempt my purse and came home empty handed. My 'minions' (Halftroll and Maire) showed up right on schedule and the three of us dug out three of the raised veggie beds. Sifted the dirt of weed roots and such, got the clods broken down and those beds are certainly looking really good. There were lots of lovely worms in there working the soil for me. I'll plant potatoes, broccoli, spinach, radishes and green onions in these beds.

Halftroll and Maire will get shares out of the garden all year in trade for spring and fall labors keeping the beds functioning. That will help me keep up with the other spring and fall yardwork duties that pile up otherwise. This will be a very good thing. I'm eagerly anticipating a nicely productive garden all summer and fall.

Before we were done Leofwyna was up and I suggested she take the herbs out of her veggie bed so she and I could treat that bed the same way. The camomile, majoram and I'm not sure what all will go back in and I'll add basil and parsley.


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