Apr. 14th, 2010

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I got into the garage awhile this afternoon and started sorting stuff onto the new shelves. The high shelf over the window is just right for the five empty ice chests. The four shelving units Leofwyna picked up at Walmart a couple years ago fit along the north wall, two on either side of the window there, and will hold camping, gardening and grilling things conveniently.

The Halftroll and I got the oldest compost pile emptied and sifted onto the four cleared veggie beds and the compost turned in. I shifted some of the leaves off the top of the neighboring pile into the empty one and with his help got the winter compost bucket dumped over... phew!!! At that it was time to stop and wash off the stink... we called it a day and he went off to find his supper.
patable2010: (Saxon)

Got out on an early start to my day picking up Sash and running him to an appointment. We then stopped in at the 50% clothing sale at Salvation Army where we both found several pairs of pants. Mine is three pair of jeans and a pair of sweatpants. With the additional gardening this year the jeans will certainly come in handy and the one pair I did have already have an unfortunately located hole and will now be retired.

Back at home I spent the afternoon with various paperwork. I addressed postcards for a barony event next week, balanced the ol' checkbook and finished out my tax returns.

This evening I picked up Sash on the way to Moot where we had an unusually good turn out. We're gearing up for JAV in May, Lilies in June and Cattle Raids in August. Lots of things to prepare for.


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