Apr. 23rd, 2010

patable2010: (Saxon)

It rained through the morning and well into the afternoon. A good day to stay in and play in the internet and then play with the fabric scraps some more.


Danger, danger... caught a horrendous computer virus... too late in the day apparently to reach the office that can deal with the problem.


Spent hours attempting to contact, contacting and then waiting for the cleaning up process but finally about 6pm I was able to get back on the computer. It was a dreadful experience... however did I used to manage without it? Anyway, I finally was able to work on the Runstaff and get it sent out to Gyda for printing, whew!


When the sun broke through this afternoon I went out to deal with a list of errands I'd accumulated this week. Returned an overdue book and extended an audiobook at the library; picked up my prescription [ouch - the new insurance doesn't pick up much of that bill]; stopped in at the mechanic 'cause the car is running rough again [still?] and made an appointment for a diagnostic test Monday; and stopped in for Goodwill's 99-cent sales but didn't find much [just a couple cotton shirts and two demi-bushel baskets].

Back at home I pulled a box out of storage and sorted through some geneology notebooks and wiped down the cover of my Rector book with clorox/water to remove potential mildew. That's something else I want to get back into once we have the house whipped back into shape. Meanwhile I put most of it back in a fresh box back in storage.

Tonight a great black cloud rolled through with immense lightning displays... I spent a good deal of time watching the show.


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