Apr. 26th, 2010

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I started the day with a list of errands. First, tried to find Gyda's place to pick up the Runestaff; phonebook directions to their street was no good so next went to Sash's to call Gyda and pick up Goldkey tubs. Found Isabeau and Carlos there already and they offered to guide me to Gyda's. We loaded up the Goldkey and two bags of Sash scraps. With their help found Gyda's apartment where Runestaffs were laying outside the door; Gyda had found something to do with the day and was gone. Stopped in at Carlos'to pick up Kestral scrolls to paint for Lilies. Stopped in at Tamasin's to help her re-learn to cast on for some knitting. Back at home I sorted through Sash's scraps [there's some great pieces, even some quilters' cotton]. Leofwyna went off to work in the rain. I spent the evening piecing more of my own scraps and running a couple loads through the washer.


At Herdmaster there were five fighters participating: Michail, Saraphina, Zino, Reinhart, and Callaghan. It was Callaghan who defeated Zino in the final bout of the tournament to become Herdmaster.
There were nominations for Herd driver... Gyda, Chiara, Maire, Odierne and Yoichi. The 'herd' selected Yoichi for the Herd Driver.
Theron the Bookseller is the new Espiritu. Viljhalmr Half Troll is now a member of the Fhianna. Maire received a Cambroges. Jwelda won the on-site brown-bag A&S competition for her leather pouch and cloak. There was music and dancing. There was wonderful food.
Leofwyna woke in time to arrive for feast and enjoyed the new Mag Mor baby for awhile too.


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