May. 4th, 2010

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It being a grey and dreary day, I worked on RUNESTAFF paperwork during the afternoon. I never did get the address situation cleared up but I'll get it dealt with before next month's issue comes out. When Leofwyna got up and finished running her errands and planting her rose bushes she took me out to supper. While we were eating a great, heavy rainstorm rolled through with lots of thundar and lightning... dinner theater!


Was contacted, finally, by Premiere so that process has begun taking shape. It has been mainly a slow, unproductive day but I'm enjoying it.


Trolled around for rummage sales and stopped in at one of the Goodwill stores this afternoon, enjoying the beautiful weather. Stopped in at Hancocks for more white thread. Didn't find anything interesting though so returned home for computer and kitty cuddles.


We spent outside time dealing with bits of yardwork. I turned up the east end of the big east compost pile. Fortunately I did not find any yellow jackets (although one came visiting while I was working and made me a little leery for awhile. I'm glad to report our dead-winter visit digging it up and pouring in boiling water seems to have done the trick.) Anyway, I alternated between mixing up the compost piles and digging out the western-most veggie bed and thoroughly wore myself out. The night ended with pulling out another jigsaw puzzle with Leofwyna.


I made a lunch run, stopped in at Goodwill (Travelling Sale = one normal priced garment then up to four more at $1/ea) where I picked up a great shirt so added in four more 'cutter' items. Back at home I worked awhile on one of the weedy beds trying to get the crabgrass roots removed. What a tangled mess that is. Tonight we finished lastnight's puzzle and blasted through another smaller one.


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