Jun. 2nd, 2010

patable2010: (Saxon)

With weather threatening we got out for some yardwork and I decided to mow instead of shifting compost. I was mowing just as fast as the mower could pull me along and I won the race finishing barely fifteen minutes before the front literally dumped a cloudburst on us. Leofwyna was proceeding down the west side of the house with her groundcloth and rocks project. She wasn't done but at least she was far enough along that her groundcloth was well secured with the first of several bags of rock. The rest of the rock will go down another day.

We were late getting back to computer and television in the evening when I found I'd won the decision for a bunkbed on the local Freecycle so we jumped into the van to go pick it up. Turned out it was a very modern style that doesn't break down into a pair of beds which I wanted it to do for tent camping. It was a very nice, sturdy bunkbed and I left it behind thinking someone with kids should be able to get it. I'll probably use Leofwyna's bedframe for camping at Lilies this year as it's much sturdier than my little white bed frame.


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