Jun. 10th, 2010

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Another batch of jerky in the dryers and lots of sorting and packing of bedding and clothes, loading stuff into the van and when weather started rolling in, mowing, too. I didn't sleep too well last night, thinking of lists and what I still needed to do but I'm exhausted and expect to sleep just fine tonight. I think I still need to clear some stuff off the bed from the sorting process though.
patable2010: (Saxon)

More finding and packing, more laundry and packing. Sash called midafternoon to ask could I run him around on a couple errands as his ride fell through so we went to the bank, Walgrens, Sam's and Ace Hardware. I picked up a box of assorted danish from Sam's so breakfasts are accounted for next week. Tonight I find and pack air mattress, fans, kitchen tools and handwork projects and I should be done.

I head out in the morning for Lilies, leaving little Maggie and Leofwyna to cope with each other and the pills on their own. Leofwyna hasn't 'pilled' Maggie yet. I've always been the 'piller' for our cats... Leofwyna does shots when necessary. Fortunately Maggie only resists and doesn't really fight. She will, however, spit out pills if given the chance. Anyway, see you all back here a week Sunday.


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