Jun. 24th, 2010

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When Leofwyna got home from work this morning I was getting up so it was a chance to give her the box of scrapbook papers... it was a good purchase... 300 4x6" pages for $2 with lots of cute themes. This afternoon I went to pick up the camp blankets from the cleaners and return some library books. Stopped in for the half-priced clothing at Salvation Army where I found a flannel sheet set. It wasn't on sale but I'd put my foot through my last flnnel sheet this spring so I was glad to find 'em. Headed on out to A&S at Gere where I was early enough to 'shop' around for more books. After A&S I ran by to pick up some freecycle magazines I'd won dibs on. Back at home I found Leofwyna had gone to the campus computer lab to work on her trip plans so I'm loafing here alone tonight.
patable2010: (Saxon)

Mowed two-thirds of the lawn this afternoon. It's hot but the weather channel shows it getting even hotter the next couple days then raining Sunday. Made potato salad and picked homegrown broccoli for salad to go with Leofwyna's chicken for supper. Leofwyna has cleared off the craft table downstairs; guess that's my clue to start sewing her cruise clothes since there's only a week and a half left until she's off. Got her measured up and cut out the top of the two-piece dress I'll be making her.


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