Jul. 14th, 2010

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Sorting, sorting, sorting. Cleaning, too. Maude's 'sitting room' is clean and tidy. Moved new cotton and cotton cutters downstairs to attend to later. I have piles on my bed and the living room sofas. Sorted the linen cutters to purpose reducing that pile by a quarter. Re-discovered and washed/fulled purple wool; it'll be great for a couple chaparones. With all this stuff better organized it will soon be time to add to the stash challenge lists. For tonight though I'll sleep on Leofwyna's bed since mine is completely buried; lots more to do tomorrow.
patable2010: (Saxon)

I reduced the linen cutters down to a single tote, then reduced the broomstick skirts and ME fabrics down to another single tote. Haven't touched the stuff on my bed yet but some little progress IS being made. One sofa and the coffee table is cleared. Had to leave the mess though and go to Moot but got back home quicker than I'd planned as it was raining when we came out of the library. I quickly got soaked to the skin so I skipped supper with the gang as our restaurant tends to run their air chilly. On the way home I drove out of the rain and the late sun broke through before setting. RAINBOW, a nice full arch in the southeast! After eating my supper I bagged up cotton cutters downstairs while I watched my Next Food Network Star.


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