Aug. 7th, 2010

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Worked some more on the open-sided surcoat and am almost ready to hem it but I ran out of the pale peach thread. When Leofwyna got up I headed outside and did a major cutback on the lilac bush. It is now just a few spriggy bits so we'll see if it grows back better. If it doesn't it'll get pulled out altogether. Leofwyna pulled weeds from the side flower beds and topped up one of the compost piles.


At Hancocks I found all the thread choices in peach to be too dark. Real pastel doesn't seem to exist anymore. I already have 'too dark' peach so I didn't buy any. I'm so stiff and sore from yesterday that I only dealt with a little laundry and washing dishes at home today.
patable2010: (Saxon)

Thought I might find some pale peach thread at a thrift store so I went around and hit each one (but one on the opposite side of town)very briefly. Would you believe, no thread at any of 'em. That seems somewhat odd. I am also glad to report I resisted looking too closely at anything else and thereby resisted unplanned purchases on a non-discount day. Back at home I reviewed some videotapes in order to put them in the 'can use' pile and found a couple LOST episodes I don't recall watching. Now it's dark and I never got back out to mow so I'm hoping rain holds off until late tomorrow.


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