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Today i sewed up the new divider for the tent to replace the drab one that came with the tent. I need to go buy twill tape and netting to finish the project. This is going to be so cool! I finished the day by pulling out the box of silk samples to start stripping them for a couple crazy quilt tops. This, too, will be engrossing.


Today was a day we put on the calendar to work together on digging out the living room. And surprise, we found a floor under there with carpet and everything. It's not totally done but BIG progress was made. I have about two yards of closet rod of clothes to take to the consignment shops... the fall-winter things I couldn't take before. We priced and boxed up half a dozen boxes of stuff for the next garage sale and piled them in Leofwyna's bedroom. We swapped out the new coffee table and put the old one downstairs... and guest bedding went downstairs, too, along with a big pile of empty paper boxes we're not quite ready to let go yet.


I had intended to get up and out early for an annual textile garage sale put on by the UNL home ec department but when the alarm went off I decided I had enough fabric and went back to bed. It remains to be seen if I regret this when I hear stories about great buys. Leofwyna and I spent the afternoon working with several others here in MagMor making pretzels for the Cattle Raids feast. There were seven of us and a couple from Lonely Tower so the work went easily.

This evening Isadora called about borrowing a sewing machine while hers is on the fritz so I pulled out my second best 301 and oiled it up for her before she stopped by to pick it up. More silk stripping ensued.
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