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Mostly loafed through the day, sleeping in late, reading lj archives and balancing my checkbook. Found I hadn't entered a $200 check so I was lucky I hadn't bounced something. When Shelly called to say she had apples and a watermelon for us I bestirred myself to make a quick run to pick them up and stopped for mower gas too.


More loafing part of the afternoon, then a run to the library to return overdue videotapes. Stopped at a couple rummage sales up the street where I found a couple cotton tablecloths to make over for shifts. Washed up the pile of dishes and got out to mow most of the yard just before dusk. It's sure nice to have mosquito season finished.

When Leofwyna got home from work she wanted to go pick up a couch she'd found at a rummage sale up the street; the same one I'd bought stuff at. It's a pretty floral tapestry covered couch that'll go well with the chair set she found last spring. Now there's an entertainment center, chair and ottoman in the garage and an extra couch in the living room that needs to get into the downstairs leisure room. Gotta get a couple of the guys over to help us switch them out for the old stuff.

Tonight we discussed the possiblity of renting a storage unit for a few months to get stuff out of the house so we can re-organize downstairs, sort for a rummage sale and not have our living areas be totally unmanageable while we do so. There may be a unit available up the block and that would be so-o-o convenient.


Leofwyna and I spent a couple hours running down rummage sales for her 'glass'. I found a couple jigsaw puzzles to add to the winter entertainment stash. When we returned home we did a couple hours of yardwork taking out fenceposts, trimming low branches off the apple tree, transplanting perennials and pulling tomato plants. I think we both may have overdone as we're stiff and sore tonight.

Tonight Natalya dropped by another box of 'passports' for me to sew together for the Jubilee reign.
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Started the day early with phonecalls to Dr, Pat/NET and Armstrong.  Followed up by picking up cotton and silk samples (3 hours) and a tape to transcribe.  We unloaded the samples then Leofwyna wanted to hit a couple Goodwills looking for glass and using my discount.  We found a replacement 65th anniversary Tripoly to replace the plainer one we have; it's a game we sisters enjoy most any time we get together.  We finished the day with supper at Valentino's for pizza and salad buffet. 

We spent the rest of the evening sorting some of the sample books and starting to dismantle them to cut down on the bulk.  We use them for raffle quilts and charitable quilts for Africa missions, fancies for crazy quilts, embroidered linen for coifs, tapestry pieced together for ground cloths while camping, project pouches, sewing kits and book covers for largess, and various other projects as we think of them.  I'm planning special things for 12th Night gifts that I'll keep secret for the time being.


Make a run to the library and requested book transfers for S.M.Stirling novels.  I started reading Island in the Sea of Time yesterday and want to have the sequels lined up when I finish it.  Leofwyna and I both went to Armstrong to gather up more of the sample books (2 hours); it was much nicer to have two of us sorting and loading up the van.

Unloaded the loot, cleaned up, picked up Tamara and headed to A&S [first of three] for Baroness Vasilla to teach us how to make clay ocarinas.  Mine shaped up nicely but didn't achieve the whistle... next time in two weeks.  Other's doing the project were Aibhilin, Chiara, Emelye, Gerald, Isadora, Natalya, TOCD, Viljalhmer, and Sarafina [the new person].  Gyda was there but didn't participate in the project as she already had an ocarina so she worked on her tablet weaving... a lovely belt.

With the new earlier time for our meetings due to the city cutting back on library hours we waited supper for after and went to Tico's then home to sort more samples and catch up with Project Runway... the most annoying people are slowly getting whittled away one by one.
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Didn't feel completely rested upon awakening today so we decided to spend the afternoon checking out rummage sales and a couple thrift stores for Leofwyna's glass. Stopped at the hospital for a newspaper then found rummage addresses to check out, also stopped at two Goodwills where I have senior discount. I found a bias cut black stripe linen skirt I'll make 'hose' of and Leofwyna got plenty o' glass. We also found a large pair of slippers depicting boxer dog faces... I'm going to convert them to Halloween masks for us to use this year. We decided to complete the day with a buffet supper at Golden Corral. I got in a little work on the banner and we watched the tape of Olympic closing ceremony.


Was better rested today so I ran errands: made my Cattle Raids deposit, stopped in at the library downtown, bought cat chow and stopped for groceries for us. Leofwyna did supper with leftover pork and sauce from feast plus a noodle cassarole from the freezer and fresh corn and watermelon. Tonight I just poked about in the Internet.
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Headed out to the library for job searches... having the library close at 5pm last week and this is a pain in the b...  will have to go back tomorrow afternoon to finish up.  When I got home Eulalia had arrived with cucumbers for Leofwyna to make the compost for feast Saturday... compost is medieval for pickles and Leofwyna is MagMor's near expert.  That's what she took Baronial A&S championship in last fall.  One of the former kings was especially enamored of her pickles and required a large jar for war during his reign.

I spent the evening embroidering on the banner and doing some personal computering.


Leofwyna went off the deep end yesterday after seeing 'garden totem poles' in a recent garden magazine.  She spent around $70 in the thrift stores for clear and colored glass stuff so she can participate in the madness.  After being on call and having to stay home this afternoon she has now at 5:30 headed out to the local Salvation Army to see if she can find more glass before she heads to the store to pick up supper.  This may take awhile. 


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