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Still fighting with the computer. Got the purging system going on it AGAIN and headed out to the library to use the computer there for a quick read through my email. Finished organizing for the weekend which is full of things to do.


Spent the day at Sash's appretice ingathering. Luchie was there too. Marcella and I were making garb for Sash while he worked on Pennsic garb for their majesties. I got pants and a tunic done using the toasty gold stripe cotton I'd found recently; I just have to finish buttonholes on the pants this week and get them back in time for him to pack.


I picked Sash up to go to Antelope Park for our Newcomer's Revel. Saraphina and Natalya organized it as a followup for our JAV demo last week. We had an excellent turnout of barony folks and I'm told there were eleven interested people who'd been at JAV. In addition we scored some walk-by interest as well. One gentleman was quite taken with the tablet weaving loom and singing rounds. As he was also talking about going to coronation next fall I matched him up with a tunic from Gold Key for the summer. I really think we'll have some new members out of the work these two weekends.
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Thought today was household so I whisked through the rest of preparing the Runestaff to mail, dropped them in at the post office, made a quick stop at the library for a few more David Weber books for the weekend and went to Sash's. Discovered household is next Saturday... oops!

Later back at home while Leofwyna worked on her front of the house flower bed I thoroughly weeded and reseeded my four veggie beds. I discovered during my weeding process that there was literally nothing left of five potato sets so I used the space for beans, carrots and spinach. Ended the exercise by helping Leofwyna put in the rest of her plants in order to beat the dusk.
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Leofwyna has been working on a project getting a rock border in around the south and west foundation of the house. I helped when she needed the bags of rocks moved from the back to the front, otherwise I finished weedwhacking, emptied stuff out of the van from the weekend and weeded/watered my veggie beds. I'm rather disappointed to find only three of the eight potatoes have emerged. Since I have only the four beds though this will give me a chance to put in some other stuff before I head off to Lilies next month.


So I'm thinking about the fact there's only two weeks until I leave for Lilies and perhaps I should be getting somewhat organized for that and for what follows this summer.

\ mail out June RUNESTAFF
\ deadhead peonies
learn camp stove usage/get fuel for it
\ make jerky (pack for Lilies)
\ make appointment for endocrinologist visit/update prescription
\ fill all prescriptions
\ June Moot/finance committee... Cattle Raids list

\ replant in veggie beds where potatoes failed
beans, carrots, spinach, radish, lettuce, nasturtiums, marigolds
\ pack up projects/clear downstairs living room
\ Maggie for vet check up/adjust prescription

\ household June 5
\ June 6 newcomers' revel
\ freeze ice for Lilies
\ sort/pack camp clothes
\ sort/pack camp gear
purchase/freeze/pack camp food
eggs, bacon, wurst, mac 'n cheese, white beans, apples, onions,
bisquik, milk, nut wafers, bread, butter, syrup, brown sugar,
oil, cinnamon, sugar, salt, pepper
load van
\ mow/mulch veggie beds where possible/water if necessary
LILIES June 11-20

unload van/put away camp gear
prepare July RUNESTAFF
exchange 'bits 'n bobs' [?]
sew Leofwyna's cruise gear before July 4
July Moot
turn out compost piles
sift complete compost for cleared weedy beds
continue clearing weedy beds/build new veggie bed frames
as available plant potato, cauliflower, brussel sprouts
strip webbing/cut down sunshade
vacate storage to garage
set up sewing area
rebuild large sunshade/make new sunshades
row cover for brussel sprouts, cauliflower
prepare fall/winter veggie beds and plant during July
peas, beets, garlic, spinach, greens
set up guest room
sort/price for rummage sale
finish and add new gold key items/mend old gold key
August Moot
Get Mr Amoto to remove appletree stump late summer
visit Kronberg with Owain and Thedrich (one trip or two?)
confirm portajons
prepare for Cattle Raids
CATTLE RAIDS and Niobrara trip

set up rummage sale
clear summer harvest
put up hoop shelters for winter harvests

Leofwyna and I went to the movie, Julie and Julia, and enjoyed it greatly, then went to supper at Chili's for the ribs.  The only real work I did today was cleaning up the dishes from the weekend. 

I did spend a good deal of time today keying excerpts for the Liturgical Embroidery project.  Better still will be if I can ILL these books and study them more closely... and get photocopies.
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SATURDAY, Part two

Though archery and organized fighting were apparently canceled due to the weather everyone was able to find ways to while away the afternoon. There were meetings and plans being made for Lilies War in the main hall so I settled in the lunch inn hall where several merchants had their displays and while there I spent most the afternoon visiting with my sister apprentice Marcella, Baroness Catherine, Baron-Master Sashetec, Leofwyna and Gyda.
I noticed Lady Natalya was busy through the afternoon distributing the Jubilee Passports I’d sewn and ensuring passport kits were forwarded to upcoming events for further distribution. The premise is to get as many kingdom-level events stamped into your passport book as possible during this reign and after next coronation having your local seneschal count the events and turn the numbers into Lady Natalya. Prizes will be distributed at Lilies next year. 
The cooks of Calontir were tempting all who enjoy good foods in the hall prior to court and I made sure to get the recipe for the Ginger-Coconut fudge.  During afternoon court Zenobia O'Dell was granted rights to bear arms and Lady Marrion Baggeputz, who was summoned away from feast preparations, was brought into the Order of the Torse.  His Majesty Luther asked Sir Rolf Eichmann to serve as General of the Army as he had done once before.  I went up when the populace was invited forward for their oaths and received one of the Queen’s rings.

And thus evening Court came to a close and the great hall was put in order for a hearty feast. When their majesty’s party proceeded in HM Maerwynn created an incredible medieval moment by bringing the cup to the high table to her king, her mother and their friends sitting at head table
As course after course of food issued forth from the kitchen, music could be heard throughout the hall. At one point between courses Mistress Gwenyth’s troup, including Leofwyna, performed for the assemblage a new filk called The Saxon Monkey. This was received with laughter and enjoyment by all present and Leofwyna was gratified in receiving thanks from His Majesty Luther for her part in the performance. Her aping the monkey was indeed most appropriate.

Upon the conclusion of feast our small group gathered up possessions preparing to face the five-hour drive home while other folks were slowly making their way out of the hall to the Bardic Circle and Coronation Ball. 
We pulled in at our house at 3:30 a.m. and were glad to seek out our beds and sleep in very late.

[later: received email with photos]
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Woke up at ten to eight to a beautiful day; dressed fast but it was a good thing Carlos and Kat were already there to open troll for me at eight.  When troll shut down we had a total of 200 signed up and feast was sold out.  Woo-hoo! 

During the afternoon I became Sash’s second apprentice, visited with lots of folks and watched the equestrians tilt at rings for awhile.  For court there was a high cloud cover and a gentle breeze.  Once Volkmar got everyone moved in closer to the thrones and resettled the procession began… their majesties, their highnesses and finally, their excellencies.  As everyone bowed each time the row of seven equestrians AND THEIR HORSES bowed too.  Viljalhmer sang their excellencies in with a new song which we need to hear again and again so we can learn it too.  It was most excellent!


During court Drix was called before the thrones.  He gave a moving report/eulogy on the passing of Mikal the Ram, then introduced Dolan who had a new song featuring Mikal’s presence past and future.  There were some tears involved and Mikal tokens were passed out.


The Barony called up Aibhilin for an Ancaire, Viljalhmer for an Ancient Aurochs, and Eleanor for an Adharc Or where his excellency thanked Eleanor for being his conscience in A&S. 


Prizes were handed out for multitudinous competitions that had happened during the day.  Maximilian was called forward for a Torse.  Nicolette’s Pelican elevation was lovely and moving.  And the sky cleared to a lovely pale blue for the closing processional.

Sat at table with Viljalhmer, Gyda, Sabi, Aibhilin, Dolan and Terry. 
Eulalia had some great food for feast.  I was stuffed before the second remove.  Viljalhmer arranged for three singers to entertain: himself, Conna, Gerald and Dolan.   

While our guests disbursed to the evening entertainment I helped clear the hall and loaded my car.  I squeezed in an evening visit with my new household during a breather.


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