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It being a grey and dreary day, I worked on RUNESTAFF paperwork during the afternoon. I never did get the address situation cleared up but I'll get it dealt with before next month's issue comes out. When Leofwyna got up and finished running her errands and planting her rose bushes she took me out to supper. While we were eating a great, heavy rainstorm rolled through with lots of thundar and lightning... dinner theater!


Was contacted, finally, by Premiere so that process has begun taking shape. It has been mainly a slow, unproductive day but I'm enjoying it.


Trolled around for rummage sales and stopped in at one of the Goodwill stores this afternoon, enjoying the beautiful weather. Stopped in at Hancocks for more white thread. Didn't find anything interesting though so returned home for computer and kitty cuddles.


We spent outside time dealing with bits of yardwork. I turned up the east end of the big east compost pile. Fortunately I did not find any yellow jackets (although one came visiting while I was working and made me a little leery for awhile. I'm glad to report our dead-winter visit digging it up and pouring in boiling water seems to have done the trick.) Anyway, I alternated between mixing up the compost piles and digging out the western-most veggie bed and thoroughly wore myself out. The night ended with pulling out another jigsaw puzzle with Leofwyna.


I made a lunch run, stopped in at Goodwill (Travelling Sale = one normal priced garment then up to four more at $1/ea) where I picked up a great shirt so added in four more 'cutter' items. Back at home I worked awhile on one of the weedy beds trying to get the crabgrass roots removed. What a tangled mess that is. Tonight we finished lastnight's puzzle and blasted through another smaller one.
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I got into the garage awhile this afternoon and started sorting stuff onto the new shelves. The high shelf over the window is just right for the five empty ice chests. The four shelving units Leofwyna picked up at Walmart a couple years ago fit along the north wall, two on either side of the window there, and will hold camping, gardening and grilling things conveniently.

The Halftroll and I got the oldest compost pile emptied and sifted onto the four cleared veggie beds and the compost turned in. I shifted some of the leaves off the top of the neighboring pile into the empty one and with his help got the winter compost bucket dumped over... phew!!! At that it was time to stop and wash off the stink... we called it a day and he went off to find his supper.
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Today I finished moving a compost pile over into the new bin and leveled the ground ready for seeding grass there.  There's still two half piles to finish clearing out but I have to wait for them to dry out a little so I can sift the finished compost for the garden.  Then I started digging out the first of the ten veggie beds.  I'm going to have to get every bit of crabgrass root out and break up the compacted dirt.  There's lots of nice little red worms but obviously it's become too dense for earthworms.  The compost will remedy that.  I hope to get seven beds done this fall and take out the west two which have started breaking down at the corners.  I won't do anything to the southeast bed as Leofwyna has herbs in there and is hoping to over-winter some of these.

I cleaned up this evening and went downtown for the planning session for next Monday's demo.  Natalya, Vasilla and Jane also showed up so we'll be able to direct the others in our roles Monday.  This is certainly going to be a lot of fun as long as the future bride says yes.  I'm remember being at Shakespeare on the Green in Omaha a few years back when a young man had arranged for a plane towing a banner, Marry me!  We weren't close enough to hear anything but the pantomime was clear enough.  She said no and I think everyone there was hurting for him.  Apparently he didn't know her as well as he thought he did.  I don't think that's the case in this instance but we haven't met her yet either.  Anyway, I'm going to anticipate a good time Monday.
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Spent both days doing yardwork, mostly moving compost and cleaning out front flower beds.  Ran a bucket of iris corms over to Sash Monday.  Spent a couple hours both days at CYT for my computer fix and some job search time.  Upon learning Asa and Calien had room for a passenger to Standing Stones next weekend for the Charlemagne event I decided to go; Leofwyna encouraged this thought so I was encouraged to follow through on that decision.


Went to CYT to email Asa to confirm plans and Maglist to beg help on the monitor situation.  An immediate response from Dwolm and Owain was most gratifying.  Arranged with Owain to pick up a monitor from him at archery practice this evening.  Got back home in time to complete 3rd quarter report so I could get Natalya's signatures on it at moot tonight.  Also at moot arrangements were completed with Ray for a demo to facilitate his proposal next Monday.  We're having a rehearsal tomorrow night. 

After moot Leofwyna and I joined Isadora at Noodles for supper, then we stopped at archery practice to pick up the monitor from Owain.  We were very pleased when we got home, plugged it in and accessed our systems straight away.   Rah us!

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Went to Omaha with Leofwyna and Odierne.  They wanted to go to a Thai restaurant there and Od had a money order to use at Borders.  We filled the rest of the day visiting 4 of 5 Thrift World stores.  I came away with three tops and a pair of pants in addition to various fabrics and a long-handled silverplate slotted spoon.  We ended at Whole Foods and I had a nice supper and read my book while they both went crazy shopping there.  As Od had bought our lunches I think I probably stayed under $30 for the day's expenses. 

When we were settled in at home again we found the monitor was flippin' and I fear we're going to have to find a replacement as it's old and has the right to go belly up.  I was frustrated not being able to catch up on email and journaling.  After breaking down a few sample books and trying to sort the cotton stack I gave it up and headed up to read in bed.  Haven't done that in a lo-o-ong time.


Called Mike first thing about the monitor... he's pretty sure the monitor or the card has died on us.  Yardwork this afternoon... Leofwyna worked on clearing the east part of the front beds while I started moving compost to the new bin.  After supper I came to CYT computer lab to catch up and register for this week's unemployment insurance.  Late night just isn't the same without the computer at home; I've been spoiled and want to stay that way, thank you very much!
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Had a call from the library yesterday evening about four overdue books so first thing today I drove over and dropped off a book I'd finished,  On the Oceans of Eternity, and two videocasettes I was done with (these were not overdue) and extended the checkout for the four others which are a series I've just begun to read.  Just started Dies the Fire yesterday and I can already tell I'll enjoy this series just as much as the preceeding one by this author.  I'd never heard of S. M. Stirling before a couple weeks ago when I picked up Island in the Sea of Time which Leofwyna is reading now with equal enthusiasm. 

When I saw gas was at $3.27 I stopped to top off the tank as that's the lowest I've seen it in awhile. 

Back at home we noticed Gerald indeed must have picked up that stack of excess concrete blocks early this morning.  I'd bought those years ago for stacking board book shelves.  Subsequently they've been used about the place for various things but it was time for them to go away.  They're just to big and heavy to be useful and I have plenty of bricks and pavers for my purposes about the place. 

Got back into yardwork duties sifting the last wheelbarrow load of the oldest compost and setting up the new compost location pulling up old carpet, leveling the cages with the four concrete blocks I did keep and some electrical posts the previous neighbor had left supporting the fence her dog nearly destroyed.   The back line of the property is looking much improved with the old fence and block wall gone where Leofwyna's been transplanting hardy geranium and choral bells from the front beds.  In another few days the other three compost bins will be transfered to the new location in the back corner nearer the raised veggie beds.  There's room for them there now the fence is gone and their old location is no longer an attractive location for them so near the neighbors driveway and entry.

I'm sure the neighbor appreciates all this Fall activity as she has the FOR SALE sign out and the sagging fence and weedy area could not have been making favorable impressions on potential buyers.  This will be the fifth change of owners for that house since we moved here.  So far we've been fortunate in fairly quiet and reasonable neighbors in that property; certainly hope that doesn't change this time.

All this activity day in and day out is making me a little stiff and sore.  Tomorrow Leofwyna goes to work and I can apply myself to some job searching time on the computer.  Saturday and Sunday are soon enough for more of this other stuff; but as Leofwyna keeps noting... this pretty weather isn't going to last.
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Yardwork this afternoon, leveling and sifting an old compost pile thus clearing the area in the back yard where we'll be moving perennials and tulips to as we empty the front flower beds.  As neither of us are doing well at weeding on the level these will be reseeded to grass.  I called Joe Howard and he came over with his son and took those iris he wanted; nearly half of 'em.  We've passed the word in the barony to clear out any iris they want this week.  Only the Thyme and peonies will stay in the front corner.  Daffadils and windflowers will be allowed to naturalize through the grass.

Leofwyna talked with Marty about the apple tree coming out this fall.  He suggests we rent a chipper to chip the branches and he'll take the logs and half the chips for doing the work.  That would give us enough apple wood chips for the front around the yew bushes.  He'll also cut out that last fence post we can't shift.   Sounds like a good idea.

Tonight was the third ocarina A&S night for glazing our instruments.  I chose green with a brown-red belly for mine.  Talked with Gerald about picking up the concrete blocks asap and he thinks he'll be able to get them in the morning.  Afterward Leofwyna and I went with Natalya and Sarafina for supper at Noodles.  I really enjoyed the Mushroom stroganoff noodles with braised beef.  I think Sarafina will be a fine addition to our barony... she's got a young family, two sons, and is interested in cooking.

Naturally I finished off the evening breaking down a few more sample books.  The end is in sight for this process; some time during the next few days.


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