It appears that I probably had the H1N1 flu.  http://www.cdc.gov/H1N1flu/qa.htm .  Today however (knock on wood) I actually think I'm feeling better.  I did take a bit of a nap this afternoon but otherwise I've been alert all day and eating reasonably hasn't been so much a chore.  I've lost 5-6 pounds over the week and it would be nice to maintain that and add to the number.  We'll see how that goes.

One of the strange dreams I had this week involved a rant and I remember the bulk of it because it is so true... but I tell you, a rant by moi is a truely rare and wonderful thing so I'd better record it here. 

Regarding Bizarre Food, or whatever it's called as I can't even find it listed in the TV Guids, this has no place on one of my favorite channels. Not so much because it has no interesting, entertainment, educational, or morally uplifting value because I can avoid the episodes by using my control dial but because I can't control the advertisement placement and I find them frequently disguisting over... and over... and over... )

And now this evening I got all my 'sick' linen gathered into the laundry room and I've gotten the first couple loads of laundry done.  I'm a little worn out now though so I'm leaving the rest until tomorrow and will catch up with computor stuff for awhile before heading off to bed.
I was dreaming this morning.  I had picked up some work waiting tables at a big promotional dinner event.  It was very disorganized and although things seemed to get done I wasn't able to find someone in charge to clarify my responsibilityes.  I was determined to be useful but couldn't seem to find my place in the chaos and realized that I'd missed serving the desert course somehow while helping a kitchen worker find a fusebox.  Finally happened upon the person who was putting on the event and asked who was in charge of the folks working for him and he couldn't say.  In the course of our conversation he'd asked what it was I did normally and I ended up tidying a room while he was holding a meeting with his 'posse'.  In my opinion the posse was pretty much useless in helping him manage things.  At this point I woke up.

It's just too bad I have to find work in my dreams instead of the real thing!

A Dream

Mar. 17th, 2009 06:24 pm
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I had the most vivid, strange dream this morning.  Several people including myself and eight tow-headed kids of various ages and apparently siblings were taken up by officials and were being taken by boat across a lake to prison.  I was indignant concerned with the kids being locked up appropriately and when no one else seemed attached to them or stepped forward I volunteered to stay with them as caregiver(?) and it seems this was agreed to.  

On the boat the kids were on the front, I was 'placed' on a forward seat and guards were in the back with various others.  When my attention returned to the kids they were bunched to one side of the boat somewhat out of sight around a 'butress'.  When I called them out to sit across in front of me three were missing and a girl indicated (with some exasperation) that her brothers were on the side of the now briskly moving boat. 

I could see the strain on the boys holding to a railing with legs and feet dragging in the water.  Feeling hands securing my ankles and waist I was able to reach across the three to grasp the youngest which I held to myself while grabbing the next youngest and passing him forward before grabbing the last (barely in time) and the both of us being pulled back aboard. 

At this point guards came forward, one for each of the seven older kids and I indicated to them they were safe with these people and to behave while I cuddled the youngest.  At this point I came to the releaved conclusion the guards/warden were unhappy about the decision to imprison me and the children (and perhaps some of the other people, I have no idea how many or who they were) and that some sort of other arrangements were being made.

Throughout the dream I felt highly accurate, confident and comfortable in my actions.  I was aware of adrenalin surge even upon waking.  Please understand I am not particularly child oriented as a rule; any interaction I have with kids are more person-to-person when it occurs.  I also have what I think of as a Very healthy antipathy fowards water and height (and this was a Very tall boat).  Usually I can interpret my lucid, remembered dreams but this one has no relative meaning I can deduce.  Any ideas? 
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Was having a better quality of dreams today upon awakening... X-rated so I won't go into any detail but featured... well, that would be a detail.

Did up a huge pile of dishes, leaving plastic containers for another time. Was going to do some yardwork but since the weather report indicates the next three days will be cooler I decided to wait. Did some grocery shopping, embroidered some on the banner and put in some quality computer time while watching Olympics.
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Didn't sleep solidly through the night but did finally get enough sleep.  Strange dreams kept waking me up... jobs and arguements and losing or missing things kind of dreams.  

Spent part of the afternoon checking job listings.  Leofwyna and I went to A&S for the Pilgrimage Passport discussions for the Jubilee Reign.  We stopped at 31 Flavors for ice cream on the way home where I worked some more on the banner while we watched the Olympic coverage.


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