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organizing and packing for Cattle Raids
Leofwyna spotted nest of yellow jackets in frontyard that we can avoid


loading the van AND the car
Scrabble with Uncle G
setting up the tent in the dark
oops, I missed loading siderails for Leofwyna's bed


much help setting up sunshades, tourney field, archery field
oops, forgot citronella oil for torch and lanterns
made supper for my crew


Callaghan brings Leofwyna's siderails, bless his heart
Randwulf and Saraphina brings me oil and ice, bless their hearts
oops, no marked parking spaces for royalty
Joy visits Cattle Raids
Cattle Raids is a success
Sir Hans, Mistress Suzanne
Baron Owaine, Lady Maire
torse for Saraphina, silver hammer for Sabi
'sorted' parking worked out very well
cold shower!


site all clear before church is out, WOW!
the Lady Cousins have a dinner at Chances R in York
we sort and load for our camping trip


finish loading, leave the loaded car at Uncle G's
Scrabble with Uncle G (I WON!)
rain on the way to Sparks, again in the evening
Monday night in a Valentine motel (hot shower! television!)


elk ranch
camping at Sharp's campground
beautiful days, very cool nights, rain Wednesday night
campfires every night, falling stars Monday
looking for THE bridge
scoping out all the campgrounds, learned our spot is the BEST
lone porcupine, heron a couple times, golden eagle, many hawks,
yellow finch, lots of doe/fawn pairs, many flocks of turkey
Niobrara State Park and Smith Falls
Wildlife Refuge, Fort Falls and a long nature walk
picture in Valentine paper (?)
a bald eagle, blonde fuzzy caterpillar, prairie dogs


breaking camp, visiting Laurel


nice article about Cattle Raids in Daily Nebraskan!/AUGUST30.pdf

writing an article for Aurora Register
thank you email to lists
unloading vehicles, sorting out laundry
mow lawn
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When I woke up I wrote out a few checks to send out to cover bills this month.  Also addressed envelopes for the reports going to the regional rep.  Turned out I should have been preparing to head back to Omaha a little more quickly as Leofwyna had set up an appointment with the attorney to start the probate proceedings early this afternoon.  Fortunately I was quick enough getting ready that we were very nearly on time; enough so that we waited briefly for the attorney who was running late too.  Turns out things are going to be in good order, no foreseeable problems, only six months probate.

Back at the apartment I continued working in the bedroom while Leofwyna worked on her 'memorial posters' with many pictures of Little Sister to share with friends and relatives Friday.  In the evening we put on a movie and I settled in with my banner embroidery for a little relaxation while Leofwyna continued spiffing up her posters. 


Friday afternoon was the memorial gathering for Little Sister and it turned out really well.  Lots of remembrances from people we knew and lots more from people we only knew existed and more from people we'd never heard of.  We had a traditional Danish coffee (which always includes sandwiches and a sweet) and sat informally around tables visiting and laughing.  We even had a little 'roast' on Little Sister who was always a great storyteller herself so I'm sure she would have appreciated the stories being told on her that afternoon. 

After loading up and getting Leofwyna back to the apartment I had to head back home and be ready for our event.  Leofwyna insists that I must use Little Sister's nice red car as it's a much more recent model than mine so I loaded it up with clothing I'll take directly to consignment shops Monday; there's precious little space for more stuff in our little house and we're going to have to figure out where to put things we're keeping. 


It was a good day for MagMor with Winter War Maneuvers with sunny skies offsetting the chill.  I closed troll by one and had the deposit ready to run to the bank when I went out for lunch.  I was back in time to see Bristol receive his Fyrd during a field court.   I learned Seraphima authorized, too.  At the regular court at the end of the day we witnessed Vatavia's investiture of their new baron/baroness.  Then MagMor's Wilhelm Halftroll received a torse, Gyda Glora and Dwolm received leather mallets and Chiara and Yoichi got their AOAs.   A highly satisfying event all 'round.  I found I was thoroughly exhausted and headed home to become a lap for the cat and little else! 

Oh yes, I did kill the mouse.  No... not the furry grey kind but the mouse on my computor.  Fortunately Leofwyna is a rebater and had a new one in the backup box and in short order I was back to catching up on reading email and journals.  I didn't generate much myself as I was sleepy and didn't trust my 'filters'... that had to wait another day.

This morning I was up early to head downtown to help clean the post revel site meeting up there with Natalya, Rosa, Aibhilin and Yoishi and got done in little more than an hour.   This afternoon while catching up with emails and stuff the monitor went black on me and couldn't raise Leofwyna on the phone.  I wanted her to bring back Little Sister's monitor with her as that's not something she's got hidden away in the box.  Now we'll have to wait a week 'til we can bring it back so journaling may be spotty for awhile.  When she showed up from Omaha we unloaded the van and headed out to a movie, Valkyre, and stopped in at the UNL computor lab for this little stretch on-line at adjoining desks.  It's nearly time to head home and molify the cat again.

Meanwhile, I'm making mental lists that need to be managed this month. 
  • finish clearing apartment, clean, arrange inspection, turn in keys
  • inspect Buick for sale, get oil changed get Buick towed
  • sew Murdoch's garb for Astrella as promised
  • take garments to consignment shop
  • get money order for this month's Cobra payment
  • plan furniture arrangement, plan furniture shuffle
  • continue job search
  • get hair cut ASAP
  • laundry
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While Leofwyna made phone calls to make arrangements for the upcoming week and notify relatives I scooped the driveway and sidewalks, cleaned the kitchen and went for groceries for supper.  While I was out I also photocopied the Domesday report so I can drop it off at Natalya's on the way out of town tomorrow.    We'll spend the next couple days in Omaha beginning the process of packing up Little Sister's apartment and looking for paperwork for details we've already been questioned about.  It's going to be a long week but we're dealing well enough by keeping focused and busy.


Dropped the Domesday and Fourth Quarter report off with Natalya and headed out of town with Leofwyna to spend a couple days in Omaha dealing with Little Sister's apartment.

Leofwyna spent most the day on the phone contacting friends and relatives.  I started sorting and packing in the bedroom.  That girl had so many clothes considering it's pretty nearly all new wardrobe since she'd lost a lot of weight last summer following her surgery.  Then I realized there was a second closet with a huge wardrobe of clothes in her previous sizes.  OMG!  She has some gorgeous stuff but of course there's nothing of a size we can use so most of it will go to the consignment shops in Lincoln along with the shoes, handbags and a huge selection of lovely lingerie.  I did sort out a few bags of worn stuff, mostly sport gear, that will go to the Goodwill. 


We went to the funeral home to finalize those arrangements including a large sitting room in which to hold an informal memorial gathering Friday afternoon.  Instead of having a stranger orchestrate dreary discussions of our Little Sister we want to visit with those who knew her and hear their stories.  Little Sister was always quite the storyteller and often kept us in stitches so now maybe we'll hear some of the stories she didn't tell us, eh?

Loefwyna spent more time on the phone today cancelling appointments, contacting people in the address book and then ran a few errands preparing for Friday.  I finished sorting and packing in the bedroom and finally have cleared out drawers and closets.  And as a blizzard blew through tonight we ordered in pizza and stayed over an extra day whereupon we cleared out the bathroom cupboards and drawers.  (Leofwyna discovered a receipt for nearly $200 for cosmetics only... how can you spend so much just on cosmetics?)

It was exceedingly frustrating that we weren't able to use her computor as her password (clue: kidnapped) meant nothing to us. 


Today we packed up the kitchen pantry and loaded the van for the trip back to Lincoln.  Tonight we sleep in our own beds... bliss!
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With Leofwyna at work I was able to concentrate on transcribing parts five and six.  Sent that out to Chris along with the invoice.  Whew, done!  I won't see that check until late in January but it'll be a big help then.


Leofwyna was scheduled for work today so I became the designated driver using her van.  I went up to Omaha today to accompany Little Sister to get an Ipeg.  I went primarily 'cause she said she couldn't drive herself home after the procdure 'cause of medications.  I went thinking it was just some sort of test she was getting; it wasn't until we were headed back to her place I discovered it was a feeding port into her stomach.  Ouch!  She's been having swallowing issues and thereby not eating enough.  She's lost quite a lot of weight and now, finally, they're recognizing it's a problem and want to build her up a bit for more medical procedures dealing with her heart and lungs. 

In spite of all this we stopped at Whole Foods to get salads and croissants for supper.  When we came out it was blowing and snowing (the day and roads had been still and dry up to then).  Back at her place I ate quickly, took care of a few household tasks for her and headed out on the road home.   It was not a pleasant drive back to Lincoln as it was blowing hard and quite enough snow with the cold to make the bridges slick. 

Back home found a fresh batch of donuts had been done as Leofwyna had been put on-call for the day.  Turns out when she was called in for a one-on-one she couldn't get my car started and had to cancel that, therefore the donuts.  Hmm-m-m, gotta check the car.
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Today we headed up to Omaha to visit with little sister to entertain her while she continues her convalescence.   We stopped at Mangelson's first to get Leofwyna's embroidery threads replaced.  She's working on lovely Victorian cross-stitch ornaments.  She started these twenty years ago and is determined to finish in time for this year's Christmas tree, more power to her!  While there I found some fabric to add to my Nadelstern stash... again Leofwyna encourages me to get back to work on this style of quilting... perhaps this winter I can start up again.

Upon arriving at little sister's we wisked her off to Chang's for lupper followed by a movie, The Dark Knight.  This Batman action movie was long but held our attention.  Since we haven't seen the first movie we want to be sure to rent it and see how it developed this POV for the Batman saga.  Since little sister indicated she felt up to it, we joined her friends' birthday celebration for supper and had a lovely time meeting these ladies. 


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