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It's raining this morning and looking at the weather forecast it looks like I'll mow this weekend which isn't too bad considering I should have mowed early this week AND next week.  It's been hot enough though that the lawn doesn't look too bad.  Fiber Arts tonight at Sash's where I worked on the green wool socks I hope will be nice enough for a Christmas present.  As apprentace to Sash I've been assigned the task of researching liturgical embroidery esp. goldwork with next Queen's Prize in mind.  Yes Master!  Whatever you say Master!
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In addition to continuing the lawn watering protocol I cut out HalfTroll's red linen tunic so I could return the example tunic in time to be worn this weekend at Marshall.  Turns out the red linen is not quite enough so much brain exercise was required to come up with a solution to clear with Gyda tonight at FiberArts.  I'll dig a blue linen shirt out of the stash and use it for facing and hems on the tunic.  I was late leaving home so I scrambled to get Natalya's signature on barony checks and returning a Redbox movie.  Stopped only briefly at FiberArts to hand off the old tunic to Gyda and say hi to our newest member, Jessica, and Sash.  Finished up at Carlos' with the flyer check and fund transfer form and asked him to have Isabeau call me with information necessary to include on the letter for insurance certificates for fighting and equiestrian at Cattle Raid which will probably get into the mail Saturday.    
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Went to Salvation Army for their 50% sale and picked up a few cutter shirts and a top, grabbed supper at House of Hunan before going to A&S where our archers shared information on bow making and arrow making.


Went to Sash's for Fiber Arts.  I worked at getting the inner seams whipped down on my wood apron dress and some more split stitching on the baronial banner.


Didn't sleep well last night... said hello to 5 am before I finally dropped off; then was woke at 7 am with a repeating and rather annoying dream.  When I woke again at 10:30 I got up thinking to make sure I sleep well tonight.

More job search, chauffered Leofwyna after dropping her van off at the shop for maintenance, got Ford papers noterized, stopped at a couple garage sales and a thrift store (no purchases), went to Chili's for ribs for supper and had a movie night at home with zigsaw puzzle.

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We went shopping for a clock and timer to replace the wall clock with a timer we obtained twenty years ago with green stamps.  We have come to the realization we're not going to find anything like it now but we need a clock for the family room and a timer so we remember to go in take care of the next stage of laundry when we need to get it done for heaven's sake!

Did a little yardwork... barefooted.  I love bare feet and the ground is feeling warm enough to indulge myself.  I pulled the 'deadwood' out of the daylily bed and gathered up the leaves that collect in the corner between the house and garage while Leofwyna raked over her 'spot' again. I also had to bag up a 'possum that died in the side yard... phew!  That was nasty. 

Tonight was Fiber Arts at Sash's again.  This time Chiara and Gyda were there working on inkle looms while I embroidered on the banner. 
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One day many years ago I made walnut bars using the recipe on the back of the package of walnuts.  Somehow I didn't save the recipe and I've regreted this frequently since then.  I'm linking thiese in hopes its a reasonable facsimile to my memory as I don't have time to test it today.

So far today I've gone through a months' worth of mail, written up checks to pay bills and made a couple phone calls to clear up what turned out to be a non-issue (thank goodness!).  I muscled the box with two reams of BIG linen-finish paper out of the car and into the house.  I'll have to wait for Leofwyna to be home to get it settled somewhere accessible but out of the way; that sucker is HEAVY.  I also cleared miscellaneous debris from the back seat and floor of the car ready for Friday's tasks.

This evening I was the only one to turn up for Fiber Arts but Sash and I put the evening to good use comparing current sewing projects and watching several good TV episodes while doing so.  I love the German ladies' hat he's put together!

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I have a nice new sleep pattern set up, early to bed and early to rise.  I'm reading my emails and ljs in the mornings while making Joey a warm lap and doesn't he love it.  Cut and sewed up a pair of britches to go with the second doublet Thursday afternoon and went to Fiber Arts in the evening.  Friday I whipped through the dishes and then started sewing up the squares cut from the earlier samples... might as well get them out of the way even if they are fiddly.  Set up and ready for a fast get-a-way tomorrow for Kris Kinder and early to bed.


Up early and dark, beating Leofwyna to the facilities as she works this weekend.  Met up with Cat, Oz and Sash to pool the ride to Kris Kinder.  While there I cruised through the merchants but managed to refrain from serious shopping; did quite a lot of work on the banner while getting to know Marcella better and visiting with many various other folks.  Did attend my exchequer meeting and manged the last little while of the fiber meeting also.  Got to page through the many books Jane and Angelo brought from from their trip to Europe.   Court was splendid, especially the presentation of the magnificent floorcloth for the Kingdom pavillion.
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Spent a good part of the afternoon working on the stash challenge doublet as I wanted it to be ready for hand detailing at Fiber Arts Meeting.  Tonight was the first renewal Fiber Arts meeting and I've determined to make these meetings as when they were done [sporatically] some time ago it was on Sunday afternoons when I was working and couldn't attend. 

We had a nice farble and a bit of show and tell.  I was able to show Sash what I was doing with some of his scrap bag, pointing out how I scrimped and pieced to get some of the larger doublet pieces accomplished.  It was rather funny when he said he had another 20-yard piece of the stuff!  Oh well, I did accomplish my intent to do something from the scrap stash and I'll continue as I started.


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