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Still overcast and damp so Leofwyna headed off to cheer up a friend and I finished sewing the gift bags... 75 in all.  I still need to thread the cords through them all but that's for another day.   She brought home steaks and fresh corn for supper... probably the last time to grill and definately the end of the fresh corn for the year.  After supper she processed more corn for the freezer.  We finished the day breaking down more sample books.   Got out the tag punch to use on some pages from the sample books; now we've got a huge pile of colorful non-seasonal tags and no idea where they'll be used.

Poor old Barkley is showing his age; I cleaned up after him several times this evening. 


Spent a good chunk of the day doing personal and baronial paperwork.  I am as ready as I can be for Moot tomorrow.  Got out and mowed the entire yard bagging the clippings for compost while Leofwyna continued dismantling the fence.  She's been dealing with the fence gradually for a week and has nearly gotten it done.  Tonight we went to the south Valentinos for supper and stopped at Bryan Hospital for a quick tour of the new Women's Tower where she's now working; that's some special facility!  And then back to the sample books.

A slow day

Sep. 8th, 2008 01:14 am
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The day was overcast and the ground damp so no yardwork today; I worked on the sample bags most of the afternoon then went to Golden Corral for supper.  This evening we both broke down sample books.  Kind of a tame sort of day, eh?  Now I'm going to assemble a quilt top for Kronberg's African project.
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It's been a long day.  Harvested all tomatoes with any color at all as we've had cool weather several days in a row and the flavor will be changing; these will be the last for fresh eating.   Prepped last weeks remaining tomatoes to go into the oven and roast 5 hours... ended up with about three pounds bagged up and put in the freezer.  If it warms up and more tomatoes ripen they'll go directly to be roasted and frozen.  With enough seasoning the cool weather taste won't matter much.

I did finish the passports for the Jubilee Reign... 807 total.  There'll probably be more later in the year but for now it's done.  Also started sewing up assorted sizes of bags as largess for the next reign.  Their highnesses want to use bags instead of baskets for gift giving and I have some good sized upholstery samples for the purpose..
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... but the lawn did get mown and I watered the tomato plants, too.  This pretty much wiped me out for the evening.   Leofwyna grilled fajitas for supper and I ate three of 'em.  YUM!  Now, let's see some of those thunderstorms they've been promising for the next five days; rain would be very good.

Found a message on the machine that Sash has the winged bull sketch for the banner I'm embroidering for the Barony but when I did call back this evening there was no answer.  No problem, I'll call tomorrow and suggest he hand it over at Moot Wednesday evening.  That leaves me two weeks and a couple days to get it ready for display at Cattle Raids.  It probably won't be completely finished but it'll be be 'hangable'.

Got a call this afternoon asking me to go walking with Mia and Molly around 11am tomorrow.  M will be out longer than usual and little Molly isn't up to five hours yet.  Tsei Sue puppies are so absolutely cuddly fluffy cute!

After several weeks my 'work while watching tv' project is nearly completed.  I've been sorting/prepping upholstery samples for 1) sunshade groundcloths, 2) Kronberg's quilt tops for Africa, 3) kingdom gift bag project, 4) 12th Night gift diddy bags, 5) pieces that has to be useful for something once I figure them out, and 6) stuff to be passed on for someone else to deal with.  Sometime this month we should get the last batch of this stuff as the source is closing shop this summer, meanwhile I'll get started making the groundcloths and gift bags.  I also plan to take shattered sections out of our current groundcloths and repairing them, too.


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