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Got sunshade canvas and poles, tub of ropes and spikes, tub of camp carpet, etcetra loaded up and ready to go for tomorrow in spite of the rainy day. While watching the weather channel weekend predictions shifted back and forth regarding the weather clearing or scattered thunder showers. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for a nice day.

Sash wants movement and color so this evening I hemmed a couple remnant pieces of lining for banners Saturday. I'd found three slim bamboo poles in my garden supplies that we can use for banner poles before they go back for beanpoles this summer.


Picked up Sash mid-afternoon to head out to JAV to set up for the faire tomorrow. We had a real nice turnout all afternoon so the division of labor wasn't too bad. As part of the early crew I helped raise... what? About five sunshades. A follow up crew [more men] arrived and dealt with two big pavillions. And another couple guys arrived in time to help put up the 'kitchen' tent. All that's left to set up tomorrow morning is the 'bumblebee' Saxon A-frame and the exhibits. Not to bad at all.

After I dropped the baron off I swung through behind the mall and found a nice, clean [really big] pallet which I managed to wrestle into the van and take home... wrestling it out and into the garage alone, too. We'll be outloading the downstairs storage room into the garage, onto the pallets. Then we'll set up the guest bedroom and sewing room and start sorting the boxes out one-by-one and putting away what we'll keep and pricing for rummage sale the rest. By fall after a September rummage we should have everything all nice and tidy at home. My bedroom will be getting some of this treatment too (it really needs it) and I'll finally be able, then, to get into some real, creative quilting again.

When I finally settled in downstairs tonight I found a note Leofwyna left for me there. We get Maggie from The Cat House... either Sunday or Tuesday I'll pick her up. Open hours are rather tight so we have to wait for 'em, then kitty love returns to The Wee Bluet!
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Spent six hours waiting for my car to be finished at the mechanics but at least now I think it's good to go for a good long while. They fixed a plug-wire situation that hadn't stranded me yet but the symptoms were beginning to show themselves in the rough idle and herkiness. The underpinning connections were worked on too which potential problems were anticipated last year when I first got the car. I really appreciate my mechanics as they don't invent things to do before they really need to be done and give me a timeframe to think about for the future. Right now things are "smooth as silk" according to them and I'm glad.

Back at home this evening I went through a couple boxes out of the storage room and sorted things to be put away elsewhere, sold at rummage, given away or discarded. One thing I found was a print-out of an e-mail I wrote in 2000 in response to an article I read then that still applies although the link no longer works, darn it.


"Before I joined the SCA I was organized in all areas of my life. I had a great amount of fabric stash for my quilting that was and still is beautifully organized. (I just can't get to it now because of the piles in front of it.) My personal finance records were organized. My mundane clothing storage was organized. That came to an end roughly six months after I started playing in the SCA.

In the two and a half years I've been in the SCA I'v been purchasing an amazing variety of 'stuff' and there is very little organization. Well, the completed garb is somewhat organized. And thanks to my sister the feast basket and the camping gear is somewhat organized. However, all the 'stuff' for projects and gear to be made up furnish piles between me and anything I own that is remotely organized, if it's even still there (I sometimse wonder about that). This fills my bedroom and sewing room. My sister's 'stuff' fills the recreation room and laundry. You may well wonder where we spend the mundane free time... there isn't much of that either.

This is a wonderful article and serves to remind me how comfortable it is to be so organized. However, my little house ran out of organizational room prior to this new habit and I need to find space somewhere. The his and hers lounges in the little runabout spaceship in "The Number of the Beast" springs to mind."


The situation was not improved when everything in my sewing room and the rec room was packed into the guest room four years ago while several yards of basement foundation was rebuilt. The current plan this year is to go through and sort everything to prepare for a rummage sale next fall. Wish us energy, perseverance and luck.

I am re-motivated to complete the process...
sort for rummage and price
set up sewing room
set up guest room
set up garage storage
hold rummage sale Autumn 2010
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My very bad... not posting for a full week. I knew if I got involved in piecing for a quilt everything else would get neglected. Today is National Quilting Day though and it feels real good to have 57 log cabin blocks completed this week, although I need to do nearly as many again to have a full sized quilt top. I spent several days ironing and sorting the materials I'd washed, then another couple days cutting the strips before getting into the piecing. With the snow we had this week it was easy to stay in and apply myself to this project.

Spring is welcome... I'm getting mentally prepared to plunge into yardwork, gardening and cleaning up the garage prior to emptying the boxes in the spare room out onto pallets in the garage. This summer we'll sort and price this stuff for another (hopefully last for a long time) rummage sale.

In moving some of these boxes in the spare room the other day we found mildew in the corner wall and moisture on the floor. This is very bad as the insurance company had repaired this room after a water leak outside on this side of the house. That particular water pipe under our driveway and garage was completely sealed off and a different one installed to the neighbor through the city verge and we were told nothing further needed to be done about our foundation. Leofwyna is even more unhappy about all this than I am.
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So to start a summary of my summer... Lost my job in June, gained back most of the ten pounds I lost last year and missed Lilies again.  Little sister came home from eleven days in the hospital last Thursday so the three of us tubing down the Niobrara next weekend is postponed for another year.  That's all the moaning allowed.  I intend to keep this journal as upbeat as possible for my own sake.

Hmm, thinking positively... I want to get a few things accomplished this summer since apparently I have some time available.  1) Finally getting my sewing room set back up after two years in storage.  2) Sorting through all my 'stuff' so I can have a rummage sale this fall for some cash in hand and space in home.  3) Then the guest room can finally be completed so we can do our part as crash space for local events.  4) And lastly, clearing the weeds and roots out of the ten raised garden beds and re-carpeting the walkways between.

To expand on One and Three, two years ago we had to pack up everything in our downstairs activity room and store it in the newly refurbished but not yet assembled guest room.  Apparently our home was built just before city codes changed to require sturdier foundation standards and one corner of our basement was bowing in.  We had had problems nearly every other year with water coming in with the Spring rains so finally we had 15' of the south and 30' of the west foundation rebuilt.  We haven't seen the least sign of moisture and it's time to finish settling completely back into the basement living areas.  Fortunately the rest of the foundation is protected from the hydro problem by concrete aprons, entryways, driveway and garage.

Two, once the basement living areas are cleared, redressed and liveable there will be much 'stuff' to move along with a rummage sale.  This will also help clear a lot of 'stuff' from my bedroom upstairs also.  Since I haven't been very productive this last four years due to losing my 'best' job in 2003 when the economy went south there has been a build up of interesting 'stuff' that has been under utilized.  I'm sure some of it no longer inspires if only I can get it sorted out.  The money will come in handy as well to carry me through the current job search, the third in five years.

And Four, I really miss my fresh produce from the garden but I haven't done much more than tomatoes the last four years.  This means the weeds have invaded in a big way which makes Leofwyna very unhappy and she talks about removing the gardens altogether since grassmowing is easier to get accomplished.   So that has to be done this year and maybe soon enough to get in a fall garden as well.  [That reminds me, sometime this next month the iris beds need to be removed from the front so grass can be seeded there this fall as Leofwyna cannot get down to weed any longer.  Then it reverts to me with my lawnmowing responsibilities.

Getting all this accomplished this summer would go a long way towards making a happy household.  The only better happy making thing would be a new job with benefits!  Please, make it so!


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