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Was careful to limit the number of chocolates I nibbled from my Easter basket... Leofwyna makes a great bunny and I still get an Easter basket.  How cool is this!

I spent some time re-sizing all the sample quilt tops I put together last year per suggested specifications from Kronberg.  They dropped me a very nice thank you note a while back for the previous batch I delivered in July and then on the back added a postscript that some of the quilts were too big.  Excuse me, shouldn't there be some for adults; things happen to them too.  

I also finished seams and hems on a couple of the tunics I made for myself recently.


Today I did a few loads of laundry, got the tax returns done, wrote checks to pay bills, made calls re SSI rollover, completed 1st quarter exchequer report paperwork and ran out to drop the mail in the box at the post office..


Got the 1st quarter report keyed onto the on Internet form to e-mail to rep and seneschal, finished laundry and re-mailed the federal tax return the postman brought back to me 'cause I didn't get the label from inside the back cover of the booklet; that's new isn't it?   
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Spent the day keeping myself moving, tried to pick up the prescriptions again (Insurance still not picking up, have to call and straighten this out), spent considerable time at University Library working job searches, and spent the evening stitching the sample fabrics into strips to work into the Mission quilts (no tops actually finished though).  Drooping at 11:00 so headed off to bed... which is super early for me these days.


Wide awake at 7:30, kept Joey the cat company all morning while Leofwyna was sleeping.  Made several phonecalls regarding exchequer, ride to Kris Kinder, and insurance for my prescription.  When Leofwyna left for a half day at work I spent the afternoon waiting for the phone to ring.  The Insurance carrier was supposed to call back about the coverage so I could get my prescription.  At 4:30 I gave up on that and went outside to hang the hoses in the garage and pull the Obedience plants out of the front flower bed; a lovely mild day.  This evening I finished two more Mission quilt tops.  Heading off to bed at 11:30 again... could we be developing a new, good habit?


There was half an inch of snow on the ground when I woke at 7:30 this morning, spent a quiet morning while Leofwyna slept.  Whipped through the dishes so she could work on her Raspberry Jelly this afternoon.  I headed out to try to pick up the prescription, hit some thrift stores (found nice Isotoner slippers, a stick mixer, a white shell, and several pieces for gold key stuff [I'll be making britches, byzantine tunic,  more shirts]).  Picked up Sash to go to A&S where Natalya gave us excellent suggestions on handling documentation for our A&S entries.  Her notebook is very impressive for logical documentation.  Headed off to bed at 11:30... at this rate I'll be in good shape at 6am Saturday morning to go to Kris Kinder.

A slow day

Sep. 8th, 2008 01:14 am
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The day was overcast and the ground damp so no yardwork today; I worked on the sample bags most of the afternoon then went to Golden Corral for supper.  This evening we both broke down sample books.  Kind of a tame sort of day, eh?  Now I'm going to assemble a quilt top for Kronberg's African project.
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... but the lawn did get mown and I watered the tomato plants, too.  This pretty much wiped me out for the evening.   Leofwyna grilled fajitas for supper and I ate three of 'em.  YUM!  Now, let's see some of those thunderstorms they've been promising for the next five days; rain would be very good.

Found a message on the machine that Sash has the winged bull sketch for the banner I'm embroidering for the Barony but when I did call back this evening there was no answer.  No problem, I'll call tomorrow and suggest he hand it over at Moot Wednesday evening.  That leaves me two weeks and a couple days to get it ready for display at Cattle Raids.  It probably won't be completely finished but it'll be be 'hangable'.

Got a call this afternoon asking me to go walking with Mia and Molly around 11am tomorrow.  M will be out longer than usual and little Molly isn't up to five hours yet.  Tsei Sue puppies are so absolutely cuddly fluffy cute!

After several weeks my 'work while watching tv' project is nearly completed.  I've been sorting/prepping upholstery samples for 1) sunshade groundcloths, 2) Kronberg's quilt tops for Africa, 3) kingdom gift bag project, 4) 12th Night gift diddy bags, 5) pieces that has to be useful for something once I figure them out, and 6) stuff to be passed on for someone else to deal with.  Sometime this month we should get the last batch of this stuff as the source is closing shop this summer, meanwhile I'll get started making the groundcloths and gift bags.  I also plan to take shattered sections out of our current groundcloths and repairing them, too.


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