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More finding and packing, more laundry and packing. Sash called midafternoon to ask could I run him around on a couple errands as his ride fell through so we went to the bank, Walgrens, Sam's and Ace Hardware. I picked up a box of assorted danish from Sam's so breakfasts are accounted for next week. Tonight I find and pack air mattress, fans, kitchen tools and handwork projects and I should be done.

I head out in the morning for Lilies, leaving little Maggie and Leofwyna to cope with each other and the pills on their own. Leofwyna hasn't 'pilled' Maggie yet. I've always been the 'piller' for our cats... Leofwyna does shots when necessary. Fortunately Maggie only resists and doesn't really fight. She will, however, spit out pills if given the chance. Anyway, see you all back here a week Sunday.
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Today was get the lawn mown day. The weather channel has been promising rain Tuesday-Wednesday four days now so it was great to have just one more dry day to although it was hot-hot-hot. I did it in sections; mow the verges, rest an hour, mow the front, rest an hour, mow the back, rest an hour, weedwack, collapse. [It did rain in the wee hours Tuesday morning so I did good.]


Headed downtown this afternoon to pick up Maggie the cat. Was there way too early (they're only open in the evening Tuesday) so I went to the two O Street thrift stores. Didn't find anything though so I ended up reading an hour while I waited. Maggie is cautiously exploring the two downstairs rooms I'm allowing her in for awhile. We need to make sure she's familiar with her box before we allow her full run of the house. She's a sweet girl and checks back with me every half hour or so for attention, then she's off again.
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I was off to the JAV demo in good time for a change. It was nice that the heavy set up was already done; made it a lot easier just dealing with the displays. It didn't rain but the wind was really intense all day. My small sunshade had 2-3 holes ripped into it; good thing we were planning on retiring it anyway. I've already got the duck to make the next pair (big and small) sunshades; just need to make 'em up. And I plan to remove the cotton webbing from the old big sunshade, cut it down some and replace the webbing and put in new grommits. It should be good for demos and things awhile yet. Way too much fabric to just ditch it.

Leofwyna came out at the end of day since she got put on-call to help us break down. Since everyone was rather worn down by all the wind her help was greatly appreciated. Back at home Leofwyna said she'll get up early and pick up Maggie tomorrow since I'll be busy. Yay!


Sure did sleep soundly last night. Yesterday had really worn me out in spite of the naps. I met up with Chiara when she got off work and we started preparing the June newsletter. Since I hadn't received the letter from Sash to include in it we stopped over at his place to remind him we needed it and while we were there Rich looked over the CD with the addresses and we think we figured out a way for me to deal with it. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sanquine about it.

Leofwyna decided we'd wait to get Maggie Tuesday so we wouldn't be leaving her alone at the house right off. Pooh! I wasn't going to be gone all that long. Anyway she headed off for her evening before I got back and I loafed the rest of the evening.
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Got sunshade canvas and poles, tub of ropes and spikes, tub of camp carpet, etcetra loaded up and ready to go for tomorrow in spite of the rainy day. While watching the weather channel weekend predictions shifted back and forth regarding the weather clearing or scattered thunder showers. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for a nice day.

Sash wants movement and color so this evening I hemmed a couple remnant pieces of lining for banners Saturday. I'd found three slim bamboo poles in my garden supplies that we can use for banner poles before they go back for beanpoles this summer.


Picked up Sash mid-afternoon to head out to JAV to set up for the faire tomorrow. We had a real nice turnout all afternoon so the division of labor wasn't too bad. As part of the early crew I helped raise... what? About five sunshades. A follow up crew [more men] arrived and dealt with two big pavillions. And another couple guys arrived in time to help put up the 'kitchen' tent. All that's left to set up tomorrow morning is the 'bumblebee' Saxon A-frame and the exhibits. Not to bad at all.

After I dropped the baron off I swung through behind the mall and found a nice, clean [really big] pallet which I managed to wrestle into the van and take home... wrestling it out and into the garage alone, too. We'll be outloading the downstairs storage room into the garage, onto the pallets. Then we'll set up the guest bedroom and sewing room and start sorting the boxes out one-by-one and putting away what we'll keep and pricing for rummage sale the rest. By fall after a September rummage we should have everything all nice and tidy at home. My bedroom will be getting some of this treatment too (it really needs it) and I'll finally be able, then, to get into some real, creative quilting again.

When I finally settled in downstairs tonight I found a note Leofwyna left for me there. We get Maggie from The Cat House... either Sunday or Tuesday I'll pick her up. Open hours are rather tight so we have to wait for 'em, then kitty love returns to The Wee Bluet!


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