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I slept in late so not much was knocked off the to-do list. I did cut some more of the batiste blends down for 'cuddle' quilts and went to Moot where we firmed up plans for JAV and Lilies. An extra Moot is on the agenda next Wednesday as well. I joined a large contingent that descended upon Red Robin to extend the evening's discussions.
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I started the day with a list of errands. First, tried to find Gyda's place to pick up the Runestaff; phonebook directions to their street was no good so next went to Sash's to call Gyda and pick up Goldkey tubs. Found Isabeau and Carlos there already and they offered to guide me to Gyda's. We loaded up the Goldkey and two bags of Sash scraps. With their help found Gyda's apartment where Runestaffs were laying outside the door; Gyda had found something to do with the day and was gone. Stopped in at Carlos'to pick up Kestral scrolls to paint for Lilies. Stopped in at Tamasin's to help her re-learn to cast on for some knitting. Back at home I sorted through Sash's scraps [there's some great pieces, even some quilters' cotton]. Leofwyna went off to work in the rain. I spent the evening piecing more of my own scraps and running a couple loads through the washer.


At Herdmaster there were five fighters participating: Michail, Saraphina, Zino, Reinhart, and Callaghan. It was Callaghan who defeated Zino in the final bout of the tournament to become Herdmaster.
There were nominations for Herd driver... Gyda, Chiara, Maire, Odierne and Yoichi. The 'herd' selected Yoichi for the Herd Driver.
Theron the Bookseller is the new Espiritu. Viljhalmr Half Troll is now a member of the Fhianna. Maire received a Cambroges. Jwelda won the on-site brown-bag A&S competition for her leather pouch and cloak. There was music and dancing. There was wonderful food.
Leofwyna woke in time to arrive for feast and enjoyed the new Mag Mor baby for awhile too.

Leofwyna's work put her on-call tonight but I was already committed to going to scribes. I had a scroll to deliver so I stayed and illuminated two more.


After a run to the store for roast chickens, spinach, eggs and pinenuts I made four dozen fowl pasties for Yule Court feast using my A&S entry recipe. Leofwyna had made a double batch of pie dough for me to ensure a nice crust. I have at least three people lined up for the baronial bardic competition.


Yule Court today there was a Winter in any medium A&S populous choice competition, an ox-hide fighters' tourney and an ornament exchange. We also had a farble on the subject of increasing and retaining membership that was well attended and vigorously discussed.

During the court several awards were handed out. Battle cattle were called to add Reinhard, Seraphina, Deineve (sp?) and Jane. Cambroges were given to four ladies from Scarlet Keep. Zino was given an Ancaire. Volkmar received a Golden Feather in the form of plumes for his hat. Seraphina received an Adharc Or. And Carlos was added to the ranks of the Cridhe Mor.

At the end of feast I had four entrants for the bardic championship and Maire won the jingle cap. Gwenyth performed "The Christmas Monkey" for us as is the barony tradition. Leofwyna (in the chorus line) performed the part of the monkey VERY well.


We spent the day in Omaha. We had lunch at Thai Pepper, stopped in at T.J. Maxx, five Thrift Worlds, Whole Foods and finished up with supper at the Cheesecake Factory. It started snowing just as we started back home and I drove 50-60 mph instead of 75 but no problems otherwise.

I found a set of five nested grass baskets, a dandilion fork, a green glass wasp trap and several cotton skirts/shirts for the quilting stash. There's also an Indian cotton tablecloth/bedthrow that may end up being camp garb eventually and a purple linen-cotton skirt with a decorated belt which will become a choli with the decoration on the "rib-band".


Went out at four in the afternoon and dealt with the 8-9 inches of snow so Leofwyna could get the van out to go to work. I made a run to the store and was very glad to get back home without mishap. It's cold and nasty out there!!!

Carried all the garb tubs out of my bedroom into the living room.  Everything in them is so jumbled from this summer's activities that when I want an outfit I have to go digging through many of them to get something pulled together.  It all needs to be resorted and packed up in an organized manner to avoid this hassle. 

Sabi called this afternoon asking to ride with me to A&S.  We'll load up and leave by 11am.

I was glad to learn from Isabeau that only one entry was necessary for the A&S entry.  I got the black silk binding replaced on the banner and wrote up the documentation for it.  I used a cake mix from the pantry stash we're trying to get used down so we can restock fresh for the winter.  So orange cupcakes with chocolate frosting for tomorrow's feast.  Leofwyna disapproved of my plan to go out for canned frosting and made up a batch of homemade frudge frosting for me.  Luv my sister I duz!


Sabi got lost getting to my place. It's a good thing I called her cell about twelve to guide her. Then on the road we got held up quite some time where a road re-finishing machine had caught fire.  When a total of six fire engines and a water truck came through and was blocking both lanes and the ditches I decided to turn back and explore back roads to get around it.  We ended up on some extremely bare of even gravel roads but they were well-packed and dry so it worked out well.

A&S went really well with one Novice level, two Intermediate, and six advanced.  Knowing the faults and shortcomings of my entry I opted for intermediate; besides I really didn't want to deal with the responsibilities on the off-chance I might win.  Turns out that wouldn't have been a possibility with the great entries we had this year and Natalia's especially fine metal-cast order medallions.  So Natalia is our new champion, yay!

For court I was one of the attendants since I'm still bardic champion for another couple months.  Court was fun especially with getting to play with Randwulf's great mace when he was called into court.  That thing is HEAVY!


Got the kitchen cleaned up from the weekend and started unpacking and sorting my SCA garb.  Spent part of the evening throwing together a couple more sample quilt tops... I have twelve in the stack now along with a couple old sheets from the clearing out process. 

Prescription will be ready to pick up this evening     DONE
Will go to Scarlet Keep; get kids in garb and fitted     DONE
Necchi can be serviced/repaired for only $80    GO AHEAD
Will deal with buttonholes at Sash's this afternoon     TRIED, WAIT FOR MY OWN MACHINE

Went to Sash's to put buttonholes and eyelets in the garb I'd made for Gold Key this year.  He has this great new Bernina but I just don't have good luck with in machine buttonholers and today was no different.  I did do the eyelets in the doublets but I still need to open them up.  And I'll just wait to get my machine back and use my 'clacker' attachment to do the shirts.

After a quick run home for my own garb which I'd forgotten I headed in for another evening at Scarlet Keep.   We got garb sorted for the one's who are going to Coronation and finalized details for who is riding with whom going and coming so the weekend is set.

Sometime soon Sash and I need to go through the garb tubs and deal with the drech and get 'em reduced down to a manageable and organized numbers.  And remake a particular pair of pants into a much smaller size so it can fit a largish man! 

Today i sewed up the new divider for the tent to replace the drab one that came with the tent. I need to go buy twill tape and netting to finish the project. This is going to be so cool! I finished the day by pulling out the box of silk samples to start stripping them for a couple crazy quilt tops. This, too, will be engrossing.


Today was a day we put on the calendar to work together on digging out the living room. And surprise, we found a floor under there with carpet and everything. It's not totally done but BIG progress was made. I have about two yards of closet rod of clothes to take to the consignment shops... the fall-winter things I couldn't take before. We priced and boxed up half a dozen boxes of stuff for the next garage sale and piled them in Leofwyna's bedroom. We swapped out the new coffee table and put the old one downstairs... and guest bedding went downstairs, too, along with a big pile of empty paper boxes we're not quite ready to let go yet.


I had intended to get up and out early for an annual textile garage sale put on by the UNL home ec department but when the alarm went off I decided I had enough fabric and went back to bed. It remains to be seen if I regret this when I hear stories about great buys. Leofwyna and I spent the afternoon working with several others here in MagMor making pretzels for the Cattle Raids feast. There were seven of us and a couple from Lonely Tower so the work went easily.

This evening Isadora called about borrowing a sewing machine while hers is on the fritz so I pulled out my second best 301 and oiled it up for her before she stopped by to pick it up. More silk stripping ensued.

Left the house soon as I got up fully intending to take the wool blankets to the dry cleaners and pick up the serger.  Didn't do that, instead after eating lunch I dropped off aluminum cans out of the trunk and headed back home. After going to the Chinese buffet for supper I mowed the back yard while Leofwyna weeded and deadheaded around the edges.  I also ran the weedwacker through the veggie bed paths and around the house. 

When I came into the house we got into a little tiff regarding a TV program; only explanation I can come up with is too much togetherness the last couple weeks.  This sort of behavior hasn't happened in years!  We rebonded over Baskin Robbins ice cream and alls well.


Left the house after checking email.  Decided not to deal with the wool blankets until Leofwyna found her two to add to the pile.  After eating lunch I stopped in at Goodwill for their traveling sale day (buy one normal price get four more at $1/ea).  Found a pretty little miniature teapot to add to Leofwyna's collection.    Leofwyna spent the afternoon with Shelly and called with supper suggestions and we ended up eating BBQ ribs at IHOP.  I had fun teasing her (and the waitress) about the 'surprise' but not telling her what it was until we got home.  She had to call the waitress to describe it as promised.  I spent part of the evening partially assembling one of the new camp carpets; had to stop when my hands got ache-y.


First thing this morning the mouse died amid power surges and scortch oders (this explains internet connection problems the last few days).  Upon looking it over I found the wire failure where the cord meets the mouse so I shopped for a replacement this afternoon.  Brought home a cordless version so the cord won't be a problem.  Trouble is the mouse needs to be within 3' of the tower attachment.  Hmm, may need to rearrange something.  I stopped in at the Salvation Army 50% clothing sale and found a beautiful black poplin car coat, half of $6.99 is a great price for a very gently used coat.

Natalya had called for a Finance Committee meeting before A&S tonight so of course I went for that.  There was discussion about the Cattle Raids situation and the possibility we may not have the feast hall and kitchen if the site owners succeed in selling their house whereupon they'll be re-constructing the feast hall for a residence! This may happen as late as a couple days before our event; no consideration of contract or fees paid.  Their suggestion is for a feast hall refund, or perhaps we'd like to cancel our event!?!  Unbelieveable!!!

Concensus was to rent (rather inexpensively really) an alternate feast hall with kitchen as insurance in case we need it.  And prices are being sought for security for while over 150 participants are off-site for feast.   

I also learned that Gyda was selected for next exchequer while I was gone and we'll be working up the next quarter report together.  She'll also be helping me with troll at Cattle Raids.  I think she'll make a great exchequer. 
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Although Leofwyna was off work today she had plans for various errands so I set off on my own errands.  I picked up audio cassettes of the first three books by Diana Gabaldon for us to listen to on the road.  We've both read this series and I've heard the audios before as well but it's good listening and a great story.  Also when we're laying down in the back of the van to sleep this reader's voice is a gentle background, or at least it is for me.  We'll see if it can work for Leofwyna that way too.  I also got the photocopying done for the quarterly report so I can get Natalya's signature at A&S.  Back at home I continued serging edges of tapestry sections for new camp carpets.


Today Leofwyna and I drove up to Omaha to finish Little Sister's estate with the lawyer; paid him off and once the checks are out we're finished.  We only have to wait for receipts to come back so we can divide what's left in the account which only amounts to a few hundred dollars.  One way to look at it; it's about enough to account for the vacation we're taking next week.

We got back precisely in time to pick up  [info]ellid at the Quilt Center.  We did a touristy sort of drive by the Capiol building and then went for a stroll through the Sunken Gardens before going out for the medieval quilt talk at A&S.  Due to Ellid's talk I've somewhat redesigned my planned heraldry and heraldic garb.  This will be even better!  After A&S several MagMorons joined us at Tico's for supper and much merriment ensued.  She's going to fit in just fine when she gets back for her semester at UNL.  Actually I never doubted that.

Wouldn't you know, in all the excitement I forgot to get Natalya to sign the report so now I still have to catch up with her so I can mail them before I leave Tuesday.
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I was up bright blurry and early to get to the community center by 8:30 for the mega-rummage sale.  Since Leofwyna is our only wage earner currently I told her to get her sleep and come in at noon.  We took turns looking around ourselves and then I left about 3:30.  At home I sat to look over emails but instead dozed off into a 40-minute nap.  When Leofwyna got home near 5:00 from we headed out to Valentino's buffet for supper.  We agreed that we had quite a good day at the sale and Leofwyna pulled and priced another four boxes of stuff for me to put out in the morning.

I prepared for my afternoon tomorrow at Gathering of the Herd.  I was doing my apple bean bake in the crockpot for the potluck supper so I sauted apples and onions and stirred that up with the brown sugar, cinnamon and catsup so all I have to do Sunday is combine this 'sauce' with beans in the crockpot; it just needs to be hot in time for supper.  Then I assembled a brown bag for the A&S smack down challenge.  Since I was unsure how this would work I probably included way too much but I had a couple generous pieces of heavy cotton fabric that could be used several ways.  I added a couple large scraps of linen, some embroidery on green linen that could be used as trim, some fake ivory buttons, a long piece of twill tape, spools of thread and sewing tools.   


Didn't have to get up quite to early as the center didn't open until 10:00 but I did want to be early enough to unload and unpack Leofwyna's four boxes.  I had a VERY slow morning though and Leofwyna relieved me right on schedule at noon.  I quickly headed back home and threw the crockpot and my workbasket, feastgear and the brown bag into the car.   At this point I hit the fatique  WALL really hard.  I decided a quick nap was in order and set the alarm and settled in under the quilt with the cat.  Joey's purring helped I think and I woke feeling much refreshed. 

With the rain all weekend it's a really good thing we rented the good enclosed shelter for our event.  The delay meant I unloaded in the rain at the park but I was in good time for the challenge.  All I'd missed was the opportunity at Isadora's stashbusting and I certainly have plenty of stash so that's probably a good thing.  When we drew for the A&S smack down Isadora got my brown bag.  She opted to make a belt pouch of the linen and the embroidery.  I was delighted that she used the embroidered bit as it felt like a fair exchange for the wonderful boiled wool that was in the bag I drew (it was Isadora's bag).  I'd been wanting a hood for quite a while and I quickly got to work on that.  We had two hours to work and knew the projects wouldn't get completely finished but there was judging and audience choice awards at the end.   My personal favorite was Mistress Jane's leather bag.

Congrats to Sabi Constance for her Adharc Or, Viljálhmer Hálftroll and Bechte von Ziederholzburg for the Golden Feathers they received and to Mistress Jane Corwin for receiving the Espiritu.  All were well deserved.  Congrats also to Randwulf for winning the tourney and becoming the newest Herd Master.  The A&S smack down was great fun and potluck dinner was fabulous. 
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Took out another load of paper to be recycled and dropped a couple bags of clothing and samples off at the thrift store drop bins. Stopped in at the thrift store that does clothing at 50% on Wednesday and found two cute Jean Nate cosmetic cases for $4 each and a garnet-colored wool sweater vest (already felted)which I'll use for another Viking cap; the silver shank buttons will work on the late period men's breeks I've been making for gold key ($1.50).

There was moot tonight where we had an unusually good turnout. This was followed by a finance committee meeting where we approved a bid for Gathering the Herd in April. A bid for Cattle Raids next August was discussed and sent back to be expanded on. So there will be another finance committee in two weeks at the next moot when we also need to discuss the storage arrangements for the barony. I also reminded the seneschal my warrent runs out September this year and I'd like to be training the replacement during third quarter.
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When I woke up I wrote out a few checks to send out to cover bills this month.  Also addressed envelopes for the reports going to the regional rep.  Turned out I should have been preparing to head back to Omaha a little more quickly as Leofwyna had set up an appointment with the attorney to start the probate proceedings early this afternoon.  Fortunately I was quick enough getting ready that we were very nearly on time; enough so that we waited briefly for the attorney who was running late too.  Turns out things are going to be in good order, no foreseeable problems, only six months probate.

Back at the apartment I continued working in the bedroom while Leofwyna worked on her 'memorial posters' with many pictures of Little Sister to share with friends and relatives Friday.  In the evening we put on a movie and I settled in with my banner embroidery for a little relaxation while Leofwyna continued spiffing up her posters. 


Friday afternoon was the memorial gathering for Little Sister and it turned out really well.  Lots of remembrances from people we knew and lots more from people we only knew existed and more from people we'd never heard of.  We had a traditional Danish coffee (which always includes sandwiches and a sweet) and sat informally around tables visiting and laughing.  We even had a little 'roast' on Little Sister who was always a great storyteller herself so I'm sure she would have appreciated the stories being told on her that afternoon. 

After loading up and getting Leofwyna back to the apartment I had to head back home and be ready for our event.  Leofwyna insists that I must use Little Sister's nice red car as it's a much more recent model than mine so I loaded it up with clothing I'll take directly to consignment shops Monday; there's precious little space for more stuff in our little house and we're going to have to figure out where to put things we're keeping. 


It was a good day for MagMor with Winter War Maneuvers with sunny skies offsetting the chill.  I closed troll by one and had the deposit ready to run to the bank when I went out for lunch.  I was back in time to see Bristol receive his Fyrd during a field court.   I learned Seraphima authorized, too.  At the regular court at the end of the day we witnessed Vatavia's investiture of their new baron/baroness.  Then MagMor's Wilhelm Halftroll received a torse, Gyda Glora and Dwolm received leather mallets and Chiara and Yoichi got their AOAs.   A highly satisfying event all 'round.  I found I was thoroughly exhausted and headed home to become a lap for the cat and little else! 

Oh yes, I did kill the mouse.  No... not the furry grey kind but the mouse on my computor.  Fortunately Leofwyna is a rebater and had a new one in the backup box and in short order I was back to catching up on reading email and journals.  I didn't generate much myself as I was sleepy and didn't trust my 'filters'... that had to wait another day.

This morning I was up early to head downtown to help clean the post revel site meeting up there with Natalya, Rosa, Aibhilin and Yoishi and got done in little more than an hour.   This afternoon while catching up with emails and stuff the monitor went black on me and couldn't raise Leofwyna on the phone.  I wanted her to bring back Little Sister's monitor with her as that's not something she's got hidden away in the box.  Now we'll have to wait a week 'til we can bring it back so journaling may be spotty for awhile.  When she showed up from Omaha we unloaded the van and headed out to a movie, Valkyre, and stopped in at the UNL computor lab for this little stretch on-line at adjoining desks.  It's nearly time to head home and molify the cat again.

Meanwhile, I'm making mental lists that need to be managed this month. 
  • finish clearing apartment, clean, arrange inspection, turn in keys
  • inspect Buick for sale, get oil changed get Buick towed
  • sew Murdoch's garb for Astrella as promised
  • take garments to consignment shop
  • get money order for this month's Cobra payment
  • plan furniture arrangement, plan furniture shuffle
  • continue job search
  • get hair cut ASAP
  • laundry
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Yule Court noon to 8:00 pm at the Firefighters’ Hall.  I got there at noon to run troll; we wanted to assure there would be enough to mostly cover the site fee.  Baron Sashatec had asked that everyone bring artifacts, mementoes, and photos from Calontir’s history and we spent a deal of time looking through the photos.    I took St. Agnes' halo.  A gift exchange, presentation of the legendary tablecloth (it’s been a work in progress for 25 years or so), Queen’s Prize Show and Tell  at 2:00 pm, court about  4:30 pm and a potluck feast at 5:30 pm filled the day.    Edward and 'Big sister' Marcella were visiting and we got a chance for a visit.  Bardic Championship was held during feast and I 'stepped' in it telling the story of the Girl and the River Lord (tying it in with the one I did a couple years ago of the Cracked Pot and the
Water Path ; brought home the velvet hat with bells.  I really wasn't expecting it since I really messed up leading up to the punch line and had to back track a little. 

Got home to a house smelling of donuts; Leofwyna had located the donut irons and made neighborhood treats  for the Holidays but I get some too.  Yay!
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Things I need to accomplish Friday-Saturday:
* clean kitchen
put away laundry
* scribes
* gather/organize for Yule Court (goldkey, artifacts, exchange, feast, bardic)
* polish brass tray
* applications
* transcription


Time to try something new relative to this journaling since I don't want to return to the old, late habits.  Perhaps if I enter notations throughout the day as opportunity allows I'll be able to be more thorough about what I'm accomplishing and add more thoughts as well.   Found the big brass tray used for St. Agnes' halo to take to Yule Court for the artifact display (need to find the brass cleaner to use on it).  Got the kitchen cleaned along with lunch and finished putting laundry away while getting ready to head to scribes tonight.  I was the only one there painting and got the only blank Kingdom scroll available, one with acanthus leaves and four little people harvesting grapes. 
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Have I been busy?  Maybe not so much, just not following through on the journal though.


With Leofwyna at work these two days I mostly just poked about with computer and stripping samples. 


Today was our demo for the Anime Convention on campus.  We had a great display of some of our work including embroidery, armour, instruments and even shortbread for samples; there were several craftspeople doing music, wirework, illumination and calligraphy.  And of course the attention getter, half a dozen fighters doing their gig.  I'm now curious about who initiated this demo; I'm thinking it wasn't really a good fit as these kids were thoroughly 21st Century ya know? 
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In spite of the rain I checked in at a few thrift stores; bought a metal hanging basket to try a tomato plant in next spring.


Picked up and put away lots of odds and ends out of the living room.  Met up with Leofwyna to go to scribes where she was talked into creating a last minute scroll.  Having trouble with the Internet connection. 


Sat on the front step and re-sorted rejected samples from the car for backs for Leowyna's Victorian ornament project.   Leofwyna cooked for Sunday's event and then we went for a late supper at Golden Corral.  I ended up the day sewing up linen samples for a camp quilt.


Spent the windy but sunny day at St. Marks on the Campus at the Baronial A&S.  We had nearly forty people there including new folks Raymond, Stephanie and Saraphina.  It's certainly good to pull in some new people.  Isabeau Jehane is the new Baronial A & S champion, Gyda Glora  (Intermediateblevel winner) and Seraphina Brugari (Beginner level winner).   In addition to the A&S competition Leofwyna headed up there was a "Well-heeled Warrior" challenge sponsored by Baron Sashatec.  Winners of this were Saraphina and Viljalhmer. 

Potluck feast was great with lots of lovely variety including four soups, lasagne, four or five meat dishes, and four or five deserts which included a wonderful custard which was my weakness.

Leofwyna sold Raymond some bolt-end fabrics she had on hand and I'll be making up some merchant class garb for him... black pants with a subtle red stripe and a red linen doublet which I'll get started on this week using a Simplicity pattern I've used before for mens' garb.  Stephanie and I will go shopping for fabric for her garb and his shirt sometime this week and we'll probably make her a cotehardie and maybe an open-sided surcoat.


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Got up quietly today and slipped downstairs so Leofwyna could sleep in... boy, did she sleep in!  I basically spent a major chunk of the day computalating.  At four-thirty we headed out for Bran's BD grilling party with a couple thick rib steaks and some tomato salad; we were home again by eight-thirty.  We had a nice visit with Naimh and Asa, also Boris, Brannac, Kyrstin, Mikhail, Osrik, and a couple mundane family members.  I got in a couple hours of embroidery on the banner during the evening while Leofwyna had a turn on the computor.


I celebrated Labor Day in the kitchen putting up another batch of roasted tomatoes, this time with oregano and did up a big load of dishes.  When Leofwyna got off work we went out to the fairgrounds for supper and to use the ride tickets she bought Saturday.  Found the double ferris wheel had been taken down so settled for the gondola ferris wheel, a very overpriced and tame short ride. 
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Today was Baronial Revel at Woods Park.  Approximately forty of us got together at 3pm after the fighter's college finished (five Sundays in a row of intensive fighter training).  Got in lots of lovely farbling before court at five and potluck supper by six.  Everyone packing up and going home by eight for showers and air conditioning - even though there was a nice breeze it was hot..


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