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organizing and packing for Cattle Raids
Leofwyna spotted nest of yellow jackets in frontyard that we can avoid


loading the van AND the car
Scrabble with Uncle G
setting up the tent in the dark
oops, I missed loading siderails for Leofwyna's bed


much help setting up sunshades, tourney field, archery field
oops, forgot citronella oil for torch and lanterns
made supper for my crew


Callaghan brings Leofwyna's siderails, bless his heart
Randwulf and Saraphina brings me oil and ice, bless their hearts
oops, no marked parking spaces for royalty
Joy visits Cattle Raids
Cattle Raids is a success
Sir Hans, Mistress Suzanne
Baron Owaine, Lady Maire
torse for Saraphina, silver hammer for Sabi
'sorted' parking worked out very well
cold shower!


site all clear before church is out, WOW!
the Lady Cousins have a dinner at Chances R in York
we sort and load for our camping trip


finish loading, leave the loaded car at Uncle G's
Scrabble with Uncle G (I WON!)
rain on the way to Sparks, again in the evening
Monday night in a Valentine motel (hot shower! television!)


elk ranch
camping at Sharp's campground
beautiful days, very cool nights, rain Wednesday night
campfires every night, falling stars Monday
looking for THE bridge
scoping out all the campgrounds, learned our spot is the BEST
lone porcupine, heron a couple times, golden eagle, many hawks,
yellow finch, lots of doe/fawn pairs, many flocks of turkey
Niobrara State Park and Smith Falls
Wildlife Refuge, Fort Falls and a long nature walk
picture in Valentine paper (?)
a bald eagle, blonde fuzzy caterpillar, prairie dogs


breaking camp, visiting Laurel


nice article about Cattle Raids in Daily Nebraskan!/AUGUST30.pdf

writing an article for Aurora Register
thank you email to lists
unloading vehicles, sorting out laundry
mow lawn
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Got about three loads of laundry cycled through this afternoon. Thought about mowing but decided it could go another day or two. Spent a good deal of time trying to make phone contacts with minimal luck.
Harvested half a dozen little orange tomatoes to ripen on the counter; I think the green beans are mostly done for.

This evening Leofwyna and I discussed our options for our Niobrara trip and narrowed things down to two 'best' choices. We're both looking forward to this very relaxing 4-5 days camping right here in Nebraska within half a day's drive from home.


Finally made contact with Carlos, still waiting call-back from Thedrik and Rev. Krause.
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Since this was the weekend we had planned to be tubing on the Niobrara we decided to treat this like vacation time anyway here at home. 

After sleeping and resting in quite late we each fixed our own breakfast before heading out to a midday movie.  Wanted to see Mama Mia! but would have had to sit in the front row so we took our popcorn and a refund downtown to see Journey to the Center of the Earth instead.  Since there was a bit of a time difference we stopped at a few rummage sales on the way.  I found an interesting, cute piece of jungle animal print for a cuddle quilt back.  The movie was 3-D and was a fun, exciting light adventure.

Headed home to mow and the temperature/humidity was mild enough I got the whole yard done while Leofwyna weeded the fenceline flower bed more thoroughly than I did the other day.  She could tell the difference though at the north end where I spent the most time.  We went to Golden Corral for a late supper.

Since Leofwyna wanted to make a plum tartin I'm foregoing the Mexican Chocolate cookies for the time being.  Oh, the pain  ;-D

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So to start a summary of my summer... Lost my job in June, gained back most of the ten pounds I lost last year and missed Lilies again.  Little sister came home from eleven days in the hospital last Thursday so the three of us tubing down the Niobrara next weekend is postponed for another year.  That's all the moaning allowed.  I intend to keep this journal as upbeat as possible for my own sake.

Hmm, thinking positively... I want to get a few things accomplished this summer since apparently I have some time available.  1) Finally getting my sewing room set back up after two years in storage.  2) Sorting through all my 'stuff' so I can have a rummage sale this fall for some cash in hand and space in home.  3) Then the guest room can finally be completed so we can do our part as crash space for local events.  4) And lastly, clearing the weeds and roots out of the ten raised garden beds and re-carpeting the walkways between.

To expand on One and Three, two years ago we had to pack up everything in our downstairs activity room and store it in the newly refurbished but not yet assembled guest room.  Apparently our home was built just before city codes changed to require sturdier foundation standards and one corner of our basement was bowing in.  We had had problems nearly every other year with water coming in with the Spring rains so finally we had 15' of the south and 30' of the west foundation rebuilt.  We haven't seen the least sign of moisture and it's time to finish settling completely back into the basement living areas.  Fortunately the rest of the foundation is protected from the hydro problem by concrete aprons, entryways, driveway and garage.

Two, once the basement living areas are cleared, redressed and liveable there will be much 'stuff' to move along with a rummage sale.  This will also help clear a lot of 'stuff' from my bedroom upstairs also.  Since I haven't been very productive this last four years due to losing my 'best' job in 2003 when the economy went south there has been a build up of interesting 'stuff' that has been under utilized.  I'm sure some of it no longer inspires if only I can get it sorted out.  The money will come in handy as well to carry me through the current job search, the third in five years.

And Four, I really miss my fresh produce from the garden but I haven't done much more than tomatoes the last four years.  This means the weeds have invaded in a big way which makes Leofwyna very unhappy and she talks about removing the gardens altogether since grassmowing is easier to get accomplished.   So that has to be done this year and maybe soon enough to get in a fall garden as well.  [That reminds me, sometime this next month the iris beds need to be removed from the front so grass can be seeded there this fall as Leofwyna cannot get down to weed any longer.  Then it reverts to me with my lawnmowing responsibilities.

Getting all this accomplished this summer would go a long way towards making a happy household.  The only better happy making thing would be a new job with benefits!  Please, make it so!


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