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I made a mistake in lettng Leofwyna sleep in.  I didn't know she'd set the alarm but it didn't go off so turns out she'll have to make a second trip to Omaha tomorrow.  Eep!  This means she has to cancel a haircut which makes her very cross. 

When she did waken we headed out to Omaha for the final load out of the apartment and to finish cleaning the stove and the vacuuming and floor mopping.  We finished up late enough that she scheduled the manager's review for Friday along with returning the cable box and shutting down the utilities.  Back to Lincoln to empty the van and collapse.


While Leofwyna headed to Omaha for finishing details I was packing for the weekend.  Sabi picked me up a little before seven for the drive to Illinois; we pulled in to our crash site before four.


The event was Festival of Maidens in Shire of Wurm Wald in the Middle Kingdom; my first out of kingdom event aside from Pennsic several years ago.  We got our Passports signed by Her Majesty thanks to Amanda's young man, Tim.  I sat in on a couple class sessions, embroidery and A&S 50 while Sabi went to a pattern drafting session.  Going to a court out of kingdom is a completely different sort of experience as the players are unknown.  Since there was no feast we headed out for a Gyros supper and being pretty tired forewent returning for the ball in the evening.


An early start got us home again before four and I accomplished absolutely nothing more today.  Leofwyna and I went out for supper at Golden Corral.
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Got on the ball this afternoon and mowed the backyard, bagging it all for the compost pile. That should complete the mowing for this year. We may use the mower to mulch fallen leaves for the compost pile so we won't call Mohrhoff's for service and storage until next month.

Today I got the peonies dug out of the front flower bed... split them out as two pink and five white sets. Leofwyna had gotten several sets from a friend. So we dug 13 holes along the property line in the back yard and planted the peonies there in line with the two that were already there. That'll make a nice low green hedge there in the summers as we'll have them well supported to stay upright. .

I left Leofwyna putting in the last five plants while I took off for the A&S discussion. We're getting our part of the Birthday Celebration organized. Apparently our Passport scheme isn't quite enough. After I talked with Sash about sponsoring me for Queen's Prize; I'll make a soft leather archer's quiver like I found in an illumination.
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So... upon arising today I firmly set myself to preparing for the weekend making my list and packing and taking myself off to meet up with Calien and Asa at 5pm for the drive to Standing Stones for Charlemagne's Octoberfest.  We pulled into Asa's sister's place about 11pm to spend the night.  It was a camping event but the three of us in a compact car was just enough room as it was with no camping materials nor armour for Asa. 


Since both Calien and Asa were part of Her Majesty's retinue we were up early for the thirty minute drive to the event site.  Thus I was able to deliver the passports to troll before it officially opened.  The site was a lovely little park on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River.  There was a fine big pavillion for A&S during the day where the feast was served that evening.  Another large shade fly housed MoC activities.  There was of course plenty of meetings, cooking, fighting and archery.  I mostly stayed in the A&S area auditing the classes and working on my banner embroidery.

At court after various awards and event reports their Majesties were approached for the boon of inviting HL Finghuala inghean Fhearghuis to join the Order of the Laurel.  This was the same lady who had presented three of the four classes offered during the day and I was pleased with this announcement.  The vigil and ceremony will probably be at Crown Tournament in Three Rivers.

At feast I sat with Nicholas and Nina and had a most pleasant meal.  Courses were generous and tasty.  Most memorable was the delicately seasoned pork sausages with honeyed roasted vegetables and a honey-mustard sauce.  After a short session at the bardic session at the fire pit we headed back to our crash site before the real rowdiness began.

[Nina sent photos out on the Internet The lady in the saffron yellow veil is HL Finghuala]


Another early day but this one was begun with a nice stop for breakfast with Heather before getting on the road to head home.  We pulled into town around 2pm [a pleasant surprise as I'd expected not to arrive before 3pm or so].  Got home to discover Leofwyna had gone to Omaha for a movie and supper with our younger sister.  I got unloaded and unpacked and caught up with emails before going out for my own supper.  Finished the evening breaking down several more sample books and stripping paper from the poly samples.  Soon I'll be sewing up quilt tops for the ladies at home to tie off for the missions.

When I brought up that we were looking for a little lady cat to bring our residence population back up Calien thought perhaps her Summer, a Siamese mix, might suit.  They have a dog and three cats and this one isn't settling well with the others.  I'll bring it up with Leofwyna and we'll check it out.


It rained during the night and was promising more during the day so the proposal demo got postponed to next Monday.  Wouldn't you know, the sun broke out about 3pm and turned into a lovely clear evening.  Sure hope the weather works next week or somebody will be kicking themselves for this.

Leofwyna and I got busy this afternoon making a HUGE apple crisp and starting crockpot apple butter from Shelly's apples.  Leofwyna put together a nice tuna-noodle cassarole for lupper [mid afternoon meal instead of lunch] which we ate again for linner [a late dinner balancing a late lunch].   I stripped paper from cotton-linen samples until my hands were cramping... too much peeling and stuff in one day I guess.

When Leofwyna talked with Calien tonight we learned Summer wasn't declawed; that wouldn't be fair to Joseph so we're having second thoughts.  It would have been a good thing for Caleigh to be able to visit Summer here when she has cooking lessons with Leofwyna; what to do?
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Playing catch up today sewing passports, heading out to sign Eulalia's check and stopping at CYT computer lab to review old emails to prepare for Moot and finance committee, then home to do more passports until time to leave for Moot.   Got a solid lot of stuff done for barony business what with the Jubilee passports being sent out for upcoming events and preparation for local activities at Halloween, Baronial A&S and Yule Court. 

After Moot Leofwyna, Isadora (her Pelican peer) and I went to Chili's for barbeque ribs, yumm!  Finally back at home I finished with the rest of the passports, pieced a top from cotton-blend samples and remembered to call to cancel unnecessary service appointment for computer as it's working just fine now.  I'm sure it was moisture on the lines causing static that was breaking up the connection.

Tomorrow I still need to pick up my prescriptions, renew the car license, write checks, make apple crisp, and do dishes.  I also should call the bank and Natalya regarding barony signatory and Ganzel, Sara and Rosie about checks.  And Friday I know Leofwyna has big plans taking loads and loads of yard and garage junk out to the landfill.   I may not be blogging again until Saturday if I'm to get all this accomplished.
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Mostly loafed through the day, sleeping in late, reading lj archives and balancing my checkbook. Found I hadn't entered a $200 check so I was lucky I hadn't bounced something. When Shelly called to say she had apples and a watermelon for us I bestirred myself to make a quick run to pick them up and stopped for mower gas too.


More loafing part of the afternoon, then a run to the library to return overdue videotapes. Stopped at a couple rummage sales up the street where I found a couple cotton tablecloths to make over for shifts. Washed up the pile of dishes and got out to mow most of the yard just before dusk. It's sure nice to have mosquito season finished.

When Leofwyna got home from work she wanted to go pick up a couch she'd found at a rummage sale up the street; the same one I'd bought stuff at. It's a pretty floral tapestry covered couch that'll go well with the chair set she found last spring. Now there's an entertainment center, chair and ottoman in the garage and an extra couch in the living room that needs to get into the downstairs leisure room. Gotta get a couple of the guys over to help us switch them out for the old stuff.

Tonight we discussed the possiblity of renting a storage unit for a few months to get stuff out of the house so we can re-organize downstairs, sort for a rummage sale and not have our living areas be totally unmanageable while we do so. There may be a unit available up the block and that would be so-o-o convenient.


Leofwyna and I spent a couple hours running down rummage sales for her 'glass'. I found a couple jigsaw puzzles to add to the winter entertainment stash. When we returned home we did a couple hours of yardwork taking out fenceposts, trimming low branches off the apple tree, transplanting perennials and pulling tomato plants. I think we both may have overdone as we're stiff and sore tonight.

Tonight Natalya dropped by another box of 'passports' for me to sew together for the Jubilee reign.
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SATURDAY, Part two

Though archery and organized fighting were apparently canceled due to the weather everyone was able to find ways to while away the afternoon. There were meetings and plans being made for Lilies War in the main hall so I settled in the lunch inn hall where several merchants had their displays and while there I spent most the afternoon visiting with my sister apprentice Marcella, Baroness Catherine, Baron-Master Sashetec, Leofwyna and Gyda.
I noticed Lady Natalya was busy through the afternoon distributing the Jubilee Passports I’d sewn and ensuring passport kits were forwarded to upcoming events for further distribution. The premise is to get as many kingdom-level events stamped into your passport book as possible during this reign and after next coronation having your local seneschal count the events and turn the numbers into Lady Natalya. Prizes will be distributed at Lilies next year. 
The cooks of Calontir were tempting all who enjoy good foods in the hall prior to court and I made sure to get the recipe for the Ginger-Coconut fudge.  During afternoon court Zenobia O'Dell was granted rights to bear arms and Lady Marrion Baggeputz, who was summoned away from feast preparations, was brought into the Order of the Torse.  His Majesty Luther asked Sir Rolf Eichmann to serve as General of the Army as he had done once before.  I went up when the populace was invited forward for their oaths and received one of the Queen’s rings.

And thus evening Court came to a close and the great hall was put in order for a hearty feast. When their majesty’s party proceeded in HM Maerwynn created an incredible medieval moment by bringing the cup to the high table to her king, her mother and their friends sitting at head table
As course after course of food issued forth from the kitchen, music could be heard throughout the hall. At one point between courses Mistress Gwenyth’s troup, including Leofwyna, performed for the assemblage a new filk called The Saxon Monkey. This was received with laughter and enjoyment by all present and Leofwyna was gratified in receiving thanks from His Majesty Luther for her part in the performance. Her aping the monkey was indeed most appropriate.

Upon the conclusion of feast our small group gathered up possessions preparing to face the five-hour drive home while other folks were slowly making their way out of the hall to the Bardic Circle and Coronation Ball. 
We pulled in at our house at 3:30 a.m. and were glad to seek out our beds and sleep in very late.

[later: received email with photos]
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It's been a long day.  Harvested all tomatoes with any color at all as we've had cool weather several days in a row and the flavor will be changing; these will be the last for fresh eating.   Prepped last weeks remaining tomatoes to go into the oven and roast 5 hours... ended up with about three pounds bagged up and put in the freezer.  If it warms up and more tomatoes ripen they'll go directly to be roasted and frozen.  With enough seasoning the cool weather taste won't matter much.

I did finish the passports for the Jubilee Reign... 807 total.  There'll probably be more later in the year but for now it's done.  Also started sewing up assorted sizes of bags as largess for the next reign.  Their highnesses want to use bags instead of baskets for gift giving and I have some good sized upholstery samples for the purpose..
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I made a quick run for first meal at Taco Bell then started work on the Standing Bear transcription.  Doing this work again really made me homesick for the job I had twenty years at the television department at University.  Part of the time Mr Holland's Opus was playing on television, a real tear jerker, and at the scene where his job was cut I was close to losing it.  Did get the whole tape completed and the work and invoice emailed so there's a check I'll see in 4-5 weeks.  Hopefully by that time I'll have full-time work and it can be 'extra'. 

We've both been breaking down 3-5 sample books each evening; we don't want to do so much at a time that we 'wreck' our  wrists and hands so this will be a recurring thing for weeks!


Up and out early.  Stopped at Sash's to pick up 50th reign 'passports; to stitch tonight so they'll be ready to take along next weekend for Coronation.   Picked up Leofwyna for an afternoon of rummage sales; she's still looking for glass.  All I found was a large scrap of brown 'wool' I can use for Saxon apron and overgown trim.  Did get half the passports done tonight; plan to finish tomorrow.
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Didn't sleep solidly through the night but did finally get enough sleep.  Strange dreams kept waking me up... jobs and arguements and losing or missing things kind of dreams.  

Spent part of the afternoon checking job listings.  Leofwyna and I went to A&S for the Pilgrimage Passport discussions for the Jubilee Reign.  We stopped at 31 Flavors for ice cream on the way home where I worked some more on the banner while we watched the Olympic coverage.


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