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Apparently it rained again this morning; everything is wet again so I'm free of yardwork for the day. I balanced my checkbook and prepared the packet for Premiere, then took Leofwyna to pick up her van before taking myself to the library to find the next Nancy Turner audiobook and then a late lunch.

I went to A&S for the project planning session and also got to visit with Isadora a little about Cattle Raids noon inn. She also asked would I be available for some sewing after Cattle Raids, yay! Killian was there too and we managed to press him a little bit about a sewing Saturday; when Saraphina overheard us she went so far as to suggest a potential date (Aug. 14). We'll see how that goes.

Back at home Leofwyna has it in her head to pull the van in the garage to have the fan on it to dry it out (the AC is draining on the front interior floors). I haven't dealt with the garage since Lilies so there's quite a bit to be moved about and organized. After the first ten minutes or so she chased me out; she's in a grump because of the van situation and doesn't want to inflict it on me. This does not make me happy as I'm feeling guilty about not having done it myself and when she puts things aside I can't find anything but I left her to her grump and went for a brief drive and listened to my audiobook.


After I went to pick up my prescription I continued west on Superior Street (HWY 34). I had it in my head to go for a drive listening to my talking book and ended up in Kronberg on a whim to see just exactly where the pumpkin patch was and what alternative plans I would have to make because of it. Turned out the patch is much smaller than I envisioned and directly west of the barn. When I stepped off the archery area on north there was plenty of room especially since the brush pile has been scraped up. Now only the potential for mud back there if it's wet might be an issue and we'll have to 'fence' off the pumpkins so they don't get damaged. I'm so glad I hadn't called the council and created a tempest over it. Another look at the 'camping' area shows even more room than I'd remembered. So all is good with the Cattle Raids site.
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It being a grey and dreary day, I worked on RUNESTAFF paperwork during the afternoon. I never did get the address situation cleared up but I'll get it dealt with before next month's issue comes out. When Leofwyna got up and finished running her errands and planting her rose bushes she took me out to supper. While we were eating a great, heavy rainstorm rolled through with lots of thundar and lightning... dinner theater!


Was contacted, finally, by Premiere so that process has begun taking shape. It has been mainly a slow, unproductive day but I'm enjoying it.


Trolled around for rummage sales and stopped in at one of the Goodwill stores this afternoon, enjoying the beautiful weather. Stopped in at Hancocks for more white thread. Didn't find anything interesting though so returned home for computer and kitty cuddles.


We spent outside time dealing with bits of yardwork. I turned up the east end of the big east compost pile. Fortunately I did not find any yellow jackets (although one came visiting while I was working and made me a little leery for awhile. I'm glad to report our dead-winter visit digging it up and pouring in boiling water seems to have done the trick.) Anyway, I alternated between mixing up the compost piles and digging out the western-most veggie bed and thoroughly wore myself out. The night ended with pulling out another jigsaw puzzle with Leofwyna.


I made a lunch run, stopped in at Goodwill (Travelling Sale = one normal priced garment then up to four more at $1/ea) where I picked up a great shirt so added in four more 'cutter' items. Back at home I worked awhile on one of the weedy beds trying to get the crabgrass roots removed. What a tangled mess that is. Tonight we finished lastnight's puzzle and blasted through another smaller one.


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