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I reduced the linen cutters down to a single tote, then reduced the broomstick skirts and ME fabrics down to another single tote. Haven't touched the stuff on my bed yet but some little progress IS being made. One sofa and the coffee table is cleared. Had to leave the mess though and go to Moot but got back home quicker than I'd planned as it was raining when we came out of the library. I quickly got soaked to the skin so I skipped supper with the gang as our restaurant tends to run their air chilly. On the way home I drove out of the rain and the late sun broke through before setting. RAINBOW, a nice full arch in the southeast! After eating my supper I bagged up cotton cutters downstairs while I watched my Next Food Network Star.
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Finished loading the van and buying supplies to head out of town by 2pm. At St Joe I got off the wrong interchange for 169 and went the wrong way half an hour before I realized my error. Got turned around and arrived at camp around 5pm, got trolled in and put the tent up 'down in the dell'. It was a very hot and humid day for setting up. When I had the tent pinned down and the supports in place there was help at hand and we got it raised so I could finish with the tie-downs and get a lot of my stuff unloaded into it. When it began raining I got in the van and tried to find Owain so I could deliver Leofwyna's power cookies. I decided to keep the van overnight to finish unloading the next day and ran into town very late for McDonalds for supper. Later back in camp while the rain continued I visited awhile with friends before heading down to assemble my bed, wash up and retire.


In the morning it was just sprinkling while I finished unloading into tent. I was still in 'mufti' when I got tired of the rain all morning so went to town for BBQ at Leyman's. Back at the campgrounds I again tried to deliver Owain's power cookies; finally left them at chergeons tent. Took ice back to camp in the van and naturally Owain was there so I was able to direct him to his packet.

While putting away ice I opened up the tent a bit and headed over for the hot showers. It commenced raining again and I backtracked to close up the tent leaving the van by the pavillion since the ground was pretty wet by this point. Waiting out the rain in the tent I was organizing it when HE Cat ran down the hill, in the rain, to get my keys to move the van. Ouch, that called for a major apology later for setting up the cause for her dousing. When the rain let up I parked the van in upper lot which later became exit only parking and I didn't retrieve it the entire war. (I was very glad it started right up at the end of the war.)

I'm not really sure, now, which day the lovely double rainbow showed itself so I'll note it here by deducing which day I would have been walking up and out of camp in the way my memory has it. It was a high, tight, complete arch with a rich inner rainbow echoed by a fainter complete outer bow. Mama's come to war!!!


More rain; I decided I wouldn't be setting up my 'kitchen' sunshade so I set up the tables inside to get stuff off the floor and put the food box and pans underneath. During quiet time in the baronial pavillion I converted a bedskirt into another veil. I kept supper simple with ham sandwiches.


Intermittant rain kept me in the baronial pavillion most of the day. I spent the time converting a black paisley print broomstick skirt into a tunic. I had pulled pork sandwich from Dumb Blondes for supper on my way to troll 8pm-12am.


Intermittant rain kept me in the baronial pavillion most of the day.
I spent the time converting a red broomstick skirt into a pair of poofy pants. The weather cleared enough at suppertime that I cooked up mac 'n cheese with chedderwurst for supper using the grill.


Planned a day away from camp so I organized food, water and handwork in my cart and dressed to be cool during the day with shift and belted stola with my overtunic along to wear later during court. I attended Jenna's storytelling sessions and was in place to get a good spot for court. Got back to camp just in time for more rain at suppertime so settled again for ham sandwiches. Went on a late camp stroll with Sash ending up with slushies at Odyssey where we finally found Marcella.


Finally a dry day with a nice breeze to balance the sunshine. Too bad I scorched back of my neck sitting in smokers' porch all day. Gyda drove in to KC to pick up Roselyn of the East to spend a couple days with us; Gyda knows her from a narrow wares list. I know from past experience how much fun meeting up with computer friends can be. Since she comes from the same area as Lisa I asked if she knew her; Rose did come up with Sara Davies personna which I hadn't remembered. After dark I left on another late camp stroll with Sash and Chiara; when I lost them in the merchant area I snagged another slushie at Odyssey before heading back to camp.


I had thought to get to the rest of Jenna's storytelling sessions today but the day was hot and still so I stayed at the baronial pavillion instead. I cooked up mac 'n cheese with chedderwurst again for supper on the grill and then hard boiled the eggs since I'd not dealt with breakfasts afterall. The fireworks were GREAT! We could also see an impressive storm passing north of us that evening, no rain this time though.


Rain again in the morning but vehicles were being allowed off-road so Isadora fetched in the van during her ice run and I loaded 3/4 of my stuff while I still had morning shade. Another storm BLEW in through causing some damage around camp; no injuries fortunately. However, court was cancelled due to big tent having issues. At that point I finished loading and headed home. And yes, I stopped for more BBQ and brought some home for Leofwyna who was already gone to work when I pulled in. Maggie was glad to see me.


Monday evening it rained while I was at USA Buffet for supper.  With the sun low in the west I ran outside to check for a rainbow and there was one.  A perfect, pale half-circle arch... Mama's greeting the day before the trip. 

I spent a great deal of time Monday and Tuesday loading the van in such a way as to have an air mattress in the back for us to nap upon.  This meant I loaded the sunshade poles, chairs, bucket with torchbowl/ lamp/oil/ropes/spikes, pans, basin, totes and ice chest along the sides leveling them with some of the slats from my bed.  The sunshade, extra bedding and so forth was opened out on the floor for a flat surface to put the air mattresses on (only the top mattress was blown up).  The tent went between the seats in front and our baskets went on the passenger seat when one of us was on the mattress in back.  I spent some time devising hanger hooks for the rattan torch holder to go up on the clothing hooks and additional hooks to be able to use the back seat belts to stabilize the stacked totes (didn't want them falling on us when sleeping y'know).  The bag of tent poles and the folding table went at the head of the bed to prevent it sliding forward.  Actually the whole thing worked out pretty well for me but Leofwyna's penchant for carsickness caused her some problems and she didn't really rest well back there. 

We didn't actually get out of town until around 5pm 'cause Leofwyna had to back track to get Baskin-Robbins icecream to celebrate the beginning of the trip.  We stopped in Kronberg; the first purpose of this trip is to scatter Little Sister's ashes and our first stop for this was at our parents' graves there.  I also dropped off what I had ready for the quilt ladies to finish for charity packages.  We stopped at Jana's to leave a package for Greg in Marquette... really love her back yard and have ideas now for our patio someday.  Red-headed woodpecker  Then we got back on the long road through the first night and I drove across most of Nebraska listening to Gabaldon's Outlander along the way.  I turned the driving over to Leofwyna at the Sydney interchange and crawled in the back to sleep.  Falling star  Leofwyna stopped later to nap in front a couple hours while I slept and then continued on. 

Wednesday morning she stopped at the Oregon Trail wagon ruts and Register Cliff in Guernsey, Wyoming for a breakfast break and to stretch our legs.   She'd been there before and wanted to surprise me.  It was a good time to be there; it was in shade and the morning cool as well as being quiet with no one about yet.  Geese, Piping Plovers, cliff swallows, little rabbits, antelope, prairie dogs, magpie, deer, ducks with baby ducks  At one of our fuel stops the clerk had received Cherry Brandy roses for her birthday!  That's the same kind of roses we'd bought for Little Sister's funeral bouquet; the dried petals were with us for scattering, too.  Kinda spooky 'cause we've never seen that kind of rose any other time.  Unfortunately we didn't pull into Great Falls until late; Jodi was very sweet about the time and showed us where to bed down for the night. 

Thursday our hosts were up and gone to work when we got up and going.  On the way though, shortly after noon we spotted a quilt shop (Choteau, MT) and I found a few Natelstern-type fabrics to buy there.  Buffalo, beaver dam and pond, seagulls  At 2:19pm we were below Swift Dam which was our second stop for Little Sister's ashes (last campsite in a secluded glen of birches).   Ptarmagen, ground squirrel   We headed up toward Glacier Park... or that was the navagator's intention.  I took us several miles out of our way to Glacier County before we got that straightened out.  In Glacier Park we drove up the "Going to the Sun" road and over the pass before turning back.  We stopped on the east side of the Continental Divide at Logan Pass on the west side of the Silver Band Loop just above the loop over Siyeh Creek below a little waterfall on the west wall across the valley floor from the trolley stop; now Little Sister rests there.  Bighorn sheep, chipmunks, mountain goats, ravens, doe and buck in velvet, turtle  We were later than we planned getting back to Jodi's so again we didn't get to visit with our hostess.  We all just went right to bed. 

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Finally went up to bed at 4am; carefully placing my organized piles back in the corner so I could sleep in my bed.  The stuff at least takes up less space now and I know what's there so maybe I'll get some of it sewn up over the next few weeks and months.  At least today I worked further on the trim shirts, cutting them down and machine sewing them together end to end (carefully matching patterns) and winding them up in tidy little bundles to go in the trim box for future use.  Was a useful passtime between laundry changeovers through the afernoon and evening.  Got the laundry done, too, and put away.


Leofwyna suggested looking for early garage sales today and I was glad to go along with this notion.  Turned out neither of us found anything at all but it was a pretty afternoon.  The rainstorm came through arround six complete with a full rainbow in the East for about five-ten minutes which Leofwyna missed while she stopped at work to get something from her locker and check the schedule for the next cycle. 


I had good intentions today that I didn't do any of... though it's gotta be done fairly soon.  Instead I poked around the Internet all afternoon and then worked up more trim once Leofwyna got home from work so she could poke around the Internet.  She's all excited about the timing for our trip out to Montana this summer and we may go a little further to an event in An Tir that weekend.  She spent the evening checking milage and what we might find to do inexpensively along the way. 


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