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Got laundry done today... five loads altogether.  Also went to walk the shar peis midday.  Thought about stopping at Goodwill for the senior sale but decided not to.


Walked the shar peis again midday.  Got the entire lawn watered.  Poked around in the garage some. 

Weather projections for the coming work is exceedingly grim.  After some discussion we've decided the next rummage will have to wait until after the June busy plans.  Leofwyna really hates doing a summer rummage 'cause of the heat but it's gotta happen.


Got up early enough to call and cancel the rummage ad.  Now, no doubt, the rain will not happen but you gotta go with the information you have I suppose.

Sewed up the red and blue Halftroll tunic... looks way too big so it'll probably fit just fine.  Leofwyna grilled rib steaks and we watched Cars on Dougs bigscreen TV.  We walked the dogs together before I headed home.
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Busy, busy, busy... watered half the yard, deadheaded the peonies and caught up with dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.  Then it was already time to head over to Leofwyna's dinner party where she was housesitting.  She takes advantage of the big kitchen, gas grill and nice dining room as part of her benefits on this job.  Toli and Shelly were there and we spent the evening playing Balderdash.  I also helped her walk the dogs before I headed home. 

So midday I headed over to walk the shar peis for Leofwyna (She's house/dog sitting for a week for a friend from work who's on vacation) and without this break for them it would have been fourteen hours.  That's a long time for dogs to wait I think.  These are big, good natured animals and we take a five block walk around the block (don't ask, it's just a wierd block).  Then later in the afternoon I got the entire lawn mowed since the weather prediction says it'll be even warmer Friday and may rain.  I also pulled the rest of the radishes.  I had to throw a bunch of them on the compost as they'd gone to seed and/or gone woody.  Way past time to seed more.


Leofwyna borrowed Mike's pickup and we loaded stuff to take to the dump... the old entertainment center, a broken down upholstered rocker and footstool, the old broken down wet vac, several old landscape timbers, a couple concrete lumps, a pile of big branches and some old carpeting.  Good riddance.  After a breather she went back into the garage setting up for the rummage and I weedwhacked between the raised beds and then cut back the overgrowth 'in' the raised beds.  The backyard is looking rather more civilized right now and I'm thoroughly worn out. 


Aug. 6th, 2008 02:00 pm
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Spent a rather quiet day on the 'puter.  Did call and make an appointment to get the oil changed tomorrow and made a grocery run in the afternoon.  When Leofwyna got home from work she talked me into going along to walk the shar-peis to get reacquainted for the weekend sitting as we have not gone there for more than a year and she wanted to make sure of the young male while 'daddy' was available.  We were very pleased at the improvement in both their behaviors 'on leash' but I'm thinking I should go over at walk times so Leofwyna isn't trying to do both at the same time alone... the extra time walking them separately would be very un-good for her feet.


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