patable2010: (Saxon)

organizing and packing for Cattle Raids
Leofwyna spotted nest of yellow jackets in frontyard that we can avoid


loading the van AND the car
Scrabble with Uncle G
setting up the tent in the dark
oops, I missed loading siderails for Leofwyna's bed


much help setting up sunshades, tourney field, archery field
oops, forgot citronella oil for torch and lanterns
made supper for my crew


Callaghan brings Leofwyna's siderails, bless his heart
Randwulf and Saraphina brings me oil and ice, bless their hearts
oops, no marked parking spaces for royalty
Joy visits Cattle Raids
Cattle Raids is a success
Sir Hans, Mistress Suzanne
Baron Owaine, Lady Maire
torse for Saraphina, silver hammer for Sabi
'sorted' parking worked out very well
cold shower!


site all clear before church is out, WOW!
the Lady Cousins have a dinner at Chances R in York
we sort and load for our camping trip


finish loading, leave the loaded car at Uncle G's
Scrabble with Uncle G (I WON!)
rain on the way to Sparks, again in the evening
Monday night in a Valentine motel (hot shower! television!)


elk ranch
camping at Sharp's campground
beautiful days, very cool nights, rain Wednesday night
campfires every night, falling stars Monday
looking for THE bridge
scoping out all the campgrounds, learned our spot is the BEST
lone porcupine, heron a couple times, golden eagle, many hawks,
yellow finch, lots of doe/fawn pairs, many flocks of turkey
Niobrara State Park and Smith Falls
Wildlife Refuge, Fort Falls and a long nature walk
picture in Valentine paper (?)
a bald eagle, blonde fuzzy caterpillar, prairie dogs


breaking camp, visiting Laurel


nice article about Cattle Raids in Daily Nebraskan!/AUGUST30.pdf

writing an article for Aurora Register
thank you email to lists
unloading vehicles, sorting out laundry
mow lawn
patable2010: (Saxon)

It being a grey and dreary day, I worked on RUNESTAFF paperwork during the afternoon. I never did get the address situation cleared up but I'll get it dealt with before next month's issue comes out. When Leofwyna got up and finished running her errands and planting her rose bushes she took me out to supper. While we were eating a great, heavy rainstorm rolled through with lots of thundar and lightning... dinner theater!


Was contacted, finally, by Premiere so that process has begun taking shape. It has been mainly a slow, unproductive day but I'm enjoying it.


Trolled around for rummage sales and stopped in at one of the Goodwill stores this afternoon, enjoying the beautiful weather. Stopped in at Hancocks for more white thread. Didn't find anything interesting though so returned home for computer and kitty cuddles.


We spent outside time dealing with bits of yardwork. I turned up the east end of the big east compost pile. Fortunately I did not find any yellow jackets (although one came visiting while I was working and made me a little leery for awhile. I'm glad to report our dead-winter visit digging it up and pouring in boiling water seems to have done the trick.) Anyway, I alternated between mixing up the compost piles and digging out the western-most veggie bed and thoroughly wore myself out. The night ended with pulling out another jigsaw puzzle with Leofwyna.


I made a lunch run, stopped in at Goodwill (Travelling Sale = one normal priced garment then up to four more at $1/ea) where I picked up a great shirt so added in four more 'cutter' items. Back at home I worked awhile on one of the weedy beds trying to get the crabgrass roots removed. What a tangled mess that is. Tonight we finished lastnight's puzzle and blasted through another smaller one.

We finally went to see It's Complicated which has been my movie of choice for awhile and I was very pleased with it. I do like Merle Streep in a good comedy. When we got back home we set up a floodlight and dug into the compost pile looking for the yellowjacket nest while the temps are still sub-freezing. We didn't find any sign of the nest but after clearing off the loose leaves and digging many holes in the compost we poured on several buckets of cold water in hope it'll flood and freeze the nest if it is there.


A thoroughly lazy day...

In spite of the sunshine I spent the afternoon loafing on the computer. After supper I went out dug up the compost pile in hopes of killing off the yellow jacket nest with the freezing temperatures and then finished the day cleaning up the kitchen.


I got out early to make my errand run picking up the unsold consignment items and my drycleaning. We have a largish check for the stuff that did sell over the past year. It's too bad Sassy isn't taking in any more consignment this winter as I would like to drop this stuff off for awhile there too.


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