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Left the house soon as I got up fully intending to take the wool blankets to the dry cleaners and pick up the serger.  Didn't do that, instead after eating lunch I dropped off aluminum cans out of the trunk and headed back home. After going to the Chinese buffet for supper I mowed the back yard while Leofwyna weeded and deadheaded around the edges.  I also ran the weedwacker through the veggie bed paths and around the house. 

When I came into the house we got into a little tiff regarding a TV program; only explanation I can come up with is too much togetherness the last couple weeks.  This sort of behavior hasn't happened in years!  We rebonded over Baskin Robbins ice cream and alls well.


Left the house after checking email.  Decided not to deal with the wool blankets until Leofwyna found her two to add to the pile.  After eating lunch I stopped in at Goodwill for their traveling sale day (buy one normal price get four more at $1/ea).  Found a pretty little miniature teapot to add to Leofwyna's collection.    Leofwyna spent the afternoon with Shelly and called with supper suggestions and we ended up eating BBQ ribs at IHOP.  I had fun teasing her (and the waitress) about the 'surprise' but not telling her what it was until we got home.  She had to call the waitress to describe it as promised.  I spent part of the evening partially assembling one of the new camp carpets; had to stop when my hands got ache-y.


First thing this morning the mouse died amid power surges and scortch oders (this explains internet connection problems the last few days).  Upon looking it over I found the wire failure where the cord meets the mouse so I shopped for a replacement this afternoon.  Brought home a cordless version so the cord won't be a problem.  Trouble is the mouse needs to be within 3' of the tower attachment.  Hmm, may need to rearrange something.  I stopped in at the Salvation Army 50% clothing sale and found a beautiful black poplin car coat, half of $6.99 is a great price for a very gently used coat.

Natalya had called for a Finance Committee meeting before A&S tonight so of course I went for that.  There was discussion about the Cattle Raids situation and the possibility we may not have the feast hall and kitchen if the site owners succeed in selling their house whereupon they'll be re-constructing the feast hall for a residence! This may happen as late as a couple days before our event; no consideration of contract or fees paid.  Their suggestion is for a feast hall refund, or perhaps we'd like to cancel our event!?!  Unbelieveable!!!

Concensus was to rent (rather inexpensively really) an alternate feast hall with kitchen as insurance in case we need it.  And prices are being sought for security for while over 150 participants are off-site for feast.   

I also learned that Gyda was selected for next exchequer while I was gone and we'll be working up the next quarter report together.  She'll also be helping me with troll at Cattle Raids.  I think she'll make a great exchequer. 


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