When Leofwyna finally got up today (her day off and I didn't want to disturb her sleep) I went out to finish mowing the front yard. The weather people are saying scattered thunder showers tonight and lots of rain other days this week so I knew I needed to get to it. I also put lost and found items from Cattle Raids in the car so I'll have it with me at moot this week.

This evening Leofwyna is sorting through the rubbermaid tubs to put some of it away. I've been doing load after load of my laundry.
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organizing and packing for Cattle Raids
Leofwyna spotted nest of yellow jackets in frontyard that we can avoid


loading the van AND the car
Scrabble with Uncle G
setting up the tent in the dark
oops, I missed loading siderails for Leofwyna's bed


much help setting up sunshades, tourney field, archery field
oops, forgot citronella oil for torch and lanterns
made supper for my crew


Callaghan brings Leofwyna's siderails, bless his heart
Randwulf and Saraphina brings me oil and ice, bless their hearts
oops, no marked parking spaces for royalty
Joy visits Cattle Raids
Cattle Raids is a success
Sir Hans, Mistress Suzanne
Baron Owaine, Lady Maire
torse for Saraphina, silver hammer for Sabi
'sorted' parking worked out very well
cold shower!


site all clear before church is out, WOW!
the Lady Cousins have a dinner at Chances R in York
we sort and load for our camping trip


finish loading, leave the loaded car at Uncle G's
Scrabble with Uncle G (I WON!)
rain on the way to Sparks, again in the evening
Monday night in a Valentine motel (hot shower! television!)


elk ranch
camping at Sharp's campground
beautiful days, very cool nights, rain Wednesday night
campfires every night, falling stars Monday
looking for THE bridge
scoping out all the campgrounds, learned our spot is the BEST
lone porcupine, heron a couple times, golden eagle, many hawks,
yellow finch, lots of doe/fawn pairs, many flocks of turkey
Niobrara State Park and Smith Falls
Wildlife Refuge, Fort Falls and a long nature walk
picture in Valentine paper (?)
a bald eagle, blonde fuzzy caterpillar, prairie dogs


breaking camp, visiting Laurel


nice article about Cattle Raids in Daily Nebraskan!/AUGUST30.pdf

writing an article for Aurora Register
thank you email to lists
unloading vehicles, sorting out laundry
mow lawn

Today was the demo over in Iowa with the Lonely Tower group. I was just about to head out the door, just went downstairs to find a yarn needle when the phone rang. Could I stop over for a sunshade that was forgotten in the load-up of a friend. Turns out it was a good thing I was running late. When I arrived at site the welcome (for the sunshade) was quite gratifying. Although I stayed sitting quietly in the shade working on my inkle loom, it was a sunny, hot day and I faded and left after only five hours. I'm certainly glad I never took up the fighting end of things as they surely were cooking in their armor.


I got several phonecalls completed this afternoon relative to Cattle Raids coming up next weekend and made arrangements to meet with Gyda tomorrow to decide which tubs of serving pieces to have brought out for feast. Also talked to Thedrich, Isadora, and left an answering maching request for Callaghan to call me back regarding ice.

Once Leofwyna was awake this afternoon I got busy and did up the dishes (so she could do her pickles this evening) and got the lawn mowed... oh my gosh the crabgrass was getting way ahead of me. I just finished helping Leofwyna peeling and slicing veggies for her pickles and my hands are aching. The Oster sliced things too thin so we were doing them all by hand.
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I've got a one track mind going for the time being, pardon my rut!

Got ahold of Owaine again and he is coming with us tomorrow evening along with Aibhilin so I don't need to make two trips and we'll definately need two vehicles. On that note, Leofwyna decided to come too. That's good, both vehicles can have someone who knows for sure where we're going in case we get separated on the road.

Oh good, when Thedrich called and Leofwyna grabbed the tablet to take down his number she found the notes for the information he was calling about so I didn't need to call back when I got in. SCORE!!

At least site survey will be well attended. I hope that's a sign the event will as well.


I went to the library and Kinko's to make a special Cattle Raids flyer to leave with Rev. Krause to pass out to the congregation this week to further explain our event and invite them.

Met up with crew at Isadora's at 6pm to drive out to Kronberg for our site survey. Altogether we were nine going out to Kronberg in two vehicles. The old pasture I thought would work for archery wasn't deep enough so we did a quick switch putting archery into the softball field, fighting into the former Jacobson lawn and overflow camping (or perhaps smokers' camping to include a smokers' sunshade) into the old pasture.

In the hall we learned there is some air-conditioning in part of it which makes things considerably better. Only the big upstairs hall and two small rooms off it aren't and we can get that all opened up to air out. I'm hoping it's cool enough Friday night to blow them out thoroughly with the fans to make them much fresher. So Suzanne's vigil room has a window ac unit and has it's own access door. The main sunday school room will be cool for royalty meetings. The feast hall, kitchen and downstairs sunday school room are all comfortable for other meetings and, of course, kitchen work and the feast. I'm very happy about all this.

I have competent people handling fighting, archery, troll, A&S, MOY feast, inn and royalty. I'll deal with Gold Key and otherwise generally 'float' Saturday, finishing up with a thorough clearing and cleaning of the hall. It will all be just fine though I'm crossing my fingers that the numbers will be all I would wish for, but not more then I'd wish for. That would be a whole 'nother issue.

One more week to go then I can move on to other things. It just never ends.
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Another problem has arisen out of the addy problem. Apparently the live steel folks were trying to reach me to verify space at Cattle Raids. Opps, I hadn't even thought of them. I wonder how the church counsel will feel about that, and only two weeks to clear it. Quite aside from space for them... ow, ow, ow.

Made a bunch of phonecalls to arrange for the site survey at Kronberg. We're going out at Thursday to familiarize my crew with the layout. I want to check the length of the head table, verify how we're setting up for 60 in the hall, and firm up the locations of sunshades for vigil and other activities. I just wish Pennsic hadn't gotten in the way of going out a little earlier in the month as this last two weeks is becoming rather full. We've got a demo to go to this Saturday on top of everything else.

Tonight for a little change of pace I spent a little time putting together my nine-patch blocks into a single Irish Chain top, then started putting corners on the four patches.
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Strangely enough these two days seem to have been lost in the mists of time already. With Leofwyna sleeping and at work my brain went to mush and I don't recall any of it. I think I mowed two-thirds of the yard sometime in there; perhaps that's why my brain seems soft as the temps were still abysmal.


Spent most of the afternoon and evening with Isadora and crew making four roasters of soup for Cattle Raids. A couple of the new kids from Scarlet Keep showed up and one of 'em was an expert Roux maker (I learned something watching him). Sure did make a huge difference in the soup, it smells wonderful. At home tonight I find my right hand and arm are feeling cramped from all the cutting and chopping I did today (a bunch of celery, five onions, 25 carrots and most of a big ham). I didn't get my hands on any of the potatoes though.


Good grief, discovered my addy never got changed on the event flyer. Now we're only two weeks from Cattle Raids and any attempts at contacting me were going to the old address. Today Morganna tracked me down through the MagMor list, pointing out the problem, and I got the flyer updated. I talked to Toli and he tried to connect a short term link between my addys but the system wouldn't let him... which is odd because he runs the system.

I went out awhile this afternoon to get a haircut, pick up some sweet corn, cash in on aluminum cans and get the car washed. Wouldn't you know, it rained this evening.
Good grief! Where has this week disappeared to? The heat index stays in the triple digits, even at night the air is heavy with it. With all the heat I did lots of quiet sitting downstairs, either at the computer or cutting up white cotton scraps to add to my quilting box.


I got out and drove this afternoon, listening to an audio book as I went, Chieviarri's The Lost Quilter. I wasn't going anywhere, just driving to be doing something I guess.


Of course, I went to moot 'cause there was to be a review of plans for Cattle Raids at the end of the month. Thedrich was there to pass his budget through the finance committee, too. I'm comfortable that things are coming together and our event will be good.


I read on the internet today that the Persead meteor shower should peak tonight. After midnight we drove north and west of town to get out from under some cloud cover, just like we had to do late last fall for another meteor shower which wasn't nearly as satisfactory as this one turned out. We found a quiet country road and went to a high point to set up our lawn chairs and watched the skies for about half an hour. We both saw approximately a dozen, some we both saw and others only one or the other spotted. As predicted, they were coming every 2-3 minutes I think... we probably missed some... but it was good this time.
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The heat index was 'only' 104 and the grass exceedingly shaggy so I got out in two short sessions today and got two-thirds of the yard mowed this evening while the sun was low in the west.

Another jigsaw puzzle was subdued with Leofwyna tonight while we watched tapes. Ah, the wild life!

With a heat index of 115 we decided the mowing grass could wait and went to supper and a movie instead. Well, the movie got tabled because a 'funny' thing happened on the way to the theater.

Driving westbound in the lefthand lane of a four-lane, one-way street the car to my right turned into me, causing a considerable dent to their left rear panel and only an ugly big scrape to my front right fender. As the light had been red as we approached the intersection and had just changed to green we were both nearly stopped, beginning to accelerate and going slowly so no one was injured. Now, I want to point out that there is no dedicated turn lanes at this intersection and I was continuing straight through in the left lane, entirely within my right to do so.

We spent the next hour hearing the driver of the other car repeating over and over, apparently to her passengers or the world at large and eventually to the officer who answered our call, that the accident happened because I ran into her while being in a turn lane and not turning. Excuse me, she was in the second lane which would in any case be a straight-forward lane in any case so why was SHE turning? Given the option for a report, and considering her allegations, I chose to have a report done. She hadn't wanted to be bothered with it. Needless to say, she received a citation for failure to yield right of way.

It was interesting to hear that she's got a point situation going on, she didn't have her license with her, and, well, wasn't I going to get a citation too for not turning in a turn lane. Eye roll, right! Oh and by the way, she wasn't interested in having my information as her insurance would cover it. What?

Leofwyna and I missed our movie so headed home for a jigsaw puzzle, old movie and ice cream shakes to celebrate the lack of real damage to our car.
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Thought I might find some pale peach thread at a thrift store so I went around and hit each one (but one on the opposite side of town)very briefly. Would you believe, no thread at any of 'em. That seems somewhat odd. I am also glad to report I resisted looking too closely at anything else and thereby resisted unplanned purchases on a non-discount day. Back at home I reviewed some videotapes in order to put them in the 'can use' pile and found a couple LOST episodes I don't recall watching. Now it's dark and I never got back out to mow so I'm hoping rain holds off until late tomorrow.
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Worked some more on the open-sided surcoat and am almost ready to hem it but I ran out of the pale peach thread. When Leofwyna got up I headed outside and did a major cutback on the lilac bush. It is now just a few spriggy bits so we'll see if it grows back better. If it doesn't it'll get pulled out altogether. Leofwyna pulled weeds from the side flower beds and topped up one of the compost piles.


At Hancocks I found all the thread choices in peach to be too dark. Real pastel doesn't seem to exist anymore. I already have 'too dark' peach so I didn't buy any. I'm so stiff and sore from yesterday that I only dealt with a little laundry and washing dishes at home today.
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Stopped in at the two nearest Goodwills today since it's Tuesday and there's a senior discount and found three belts and a middle eastern style tunic dress, all appropriate to add to Goldkey. Back at home spent the late afternoon and evening sewing up the four white cotton undertunics and re-hemmed the muslin undertunic from Goldkey to have 'em ready for Cattle Raids this month.


Took a couple pieces of fabric I'd picked up last month and got them ready to be worn as Saxon tube dresses. I'll probably keep these for myself but they're ready to be used at Cattle Raids with Goldkey if they're needed.

Got out to visit the half price clothing sale at the thrift store, found a pair of white linen drawstring pants and a purple linen shirt. This evening was A&S where I took advantage to discuss Cattle Raids scheduling with Natalya and Zino.

Back at home I worked on the peach linen open-sided surcoat trying to make it wearable. The seams were so mis-alligned I ended up taking out all the neckline and armhole seams to re-sew it and now it's coming along pretty well actually.

And at the very end of my day we drove half an hour north of town just after midnight to see if any of the northern lights were showing this far south. I'm sorry to report they were not. It was a pretty, clear night though and the stars were splendid.

Today I got out and weeded the four active veggie beds. While I was at it I picked eight small and two medium tomatoes to ripen on the counter. The tomato plants are, so far, disappointing this summer. By now we should have enough to share and it's not happening so far.

When Leofwyna got up I cleaned up and we went to Ticos for supper then a movie, Sorcerer's Apprentice. I had to talk her into that one 'cause she hadn't seen the previews, nor heard anything about it, but it turned out to be as good as I expected. There were some really clever interpretations of the magic theme and we both enjoyed it hugely.


I got back out to the garden to weedwhack all around the veggie beds and IN the inactive ones. My goodness it was hot today so that was really NOT a lot of fun! Leofwyna brought Chinese back for supper after running a few shopping errands.
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Chiara and I made a quick run to Kinko's to copy flyers to insert into the Runestaff. I also faxed out the portajohn contract.

Spoke with Thedrich and Gwyneth today. Happily some more things are progressing for meals at Cattle Raids. Requested finance committee meeting item next week for feast budget; I started pushing for this to happen months ago!

Although I was late getting out to mow the lawn tonight I still managed to get through it all. It was late dusk when I finished though. Around 11pm there was a loud boom from somewhere behind the house, and then soon another two. I turned out the lights downstairs to go up and peek out windows but couldn't see anything stirring. Does some neighbor still have fireworks from the 4th? Didn't quite really sound like that though.
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Got about three loads of laundry cycled through this afternoon. Thought about mowing but decided it could go another day or two. Spent a good deal of time trying to make phone contacts with minimal luck.
Harvested half a dozen little orange tomatoes to ripen on the counter; I think the green beans are mostly done for.

This evening Leofwyna and I discussed our options for our Niobrara trip and narrowed things down to two 'best' choices. We're both looking forward to this very relaxing 4-5 days camping right here in Nebraska within half a day's drive from home.


Finally made contact with Carlos, still waiting call-back from Thedrik and Rev. Krause.
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Went to the library to print out a form I needed, then a stopped at Petco for catfood, stopped in at a couple thrift stores and at one found two pieces of fabric (actual yardgoods) $1/ea that both will work very well for Saxon peplos. SCORE!

At A&S tonight we had a panel discussion for some newcomers about what to expect in the SCA complete with many treats, both fruit and cookies.
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When Leofwyna was ready for work I drove her over to pick up her van. Interestingly enough Dodge Performance got the van fixed for only $45 after Anderson Ford gave her an estimate of $450. Turns out the problem COULD be gotten to without dismantling the dash. Think they're pushing for their own bottom line much? She's much happier about this today.

I cut out four medium undertunics for Goldkey this afternoon. I'd found five cotton sheets ($1/ea) awhile back for this purpose. Turns out one of them was more worn than the others and had to be discarded into the rag pile.
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Called and got the form so portajons can be finalized for Cattle Raids but wasn't able to reach Rev. Krause... try again tomorrow. Harvested green beans and broccoli from the garden. The tomatoes are being slow to develop but I did get a couple little ones picked and final ripened on the counter. We took the van out to Dodge to deal with the wet problem; hope they can fix it for her.
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Chiara's call got me moving this afternoon. I picked her up to go to the library to get the August Runestaff organized on the computers there. I passed the workbox over to her and promised 'advisory' service as needed before heading home.

When Leofwyna emerged from her bed we both cleaned up and went out for a movie. This one was SALT, a female-Bourne type spy movie complete with a rather abrupt end making it clear there'd be more to come.
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I made a few of my Cattle Raid prep calls, got a couple questions clarified and left messages on answering machines for the rest. Thedrik and I are still doing the hone tag thing; that really needs to be resolved soon. I sorted through the scrap bags from Sash, throwing out little pieces and boxing up larger pieces for the garage sale this fall. That still leaves me a substantial pile for trimming out some garb for Goldkey when I get it in gear. I straightened up the living room and brought in the Goldkey Totes from the garage. Terry brought his new girlfriend over to borrow garb from Goldkey and after supper I packed up the Goldkey totes again.


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