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Naturally since I needed the sleep to be ready for the coming day I didn't sleep well... kept waking... slept lightly when I did.

Today was the demo in Mullen.  I borrowed Leofwyna's van for a car pool and picked up Sash, Cat, Zino and Chiara at 8am.  We pulled into Mullen at a quarter of twelve giving us plenty of time for lunch.  We set up on the library lawn with a very good turnout of three fighters and eight (wo)maning the A&S tables.  We had lovely weather for it fortunately and though I had my cloak I didn't need to wear it.

Halftroll rode back with us as arranged.  We came back by way of Kronberg to look over the potential Cattle Raids site but it was full dark and the van's headlights could only show so much.  No problem, Sash and I will go early enough to look it over before dark Monday.


I just took it easy all day and suggested supper and a movie when Leofwyna finally woke.  We went to see Amelia and found it a nicely told account of her career.


Picked up Sash midafternoon and we were walking the site at Kronberg while there was still light.  The archery field is deep enough, the softball field is huge (we're trying for permission for equestrian), the grove has plenty of room for campers, and another greensward is big enough for a tourney field.  It's all been nicely mown regularly and is pleasant underfoot (no stubble).  We found that there is two water spigots outside which I hadn't known about.  In the hall, the double kitchen is even wider than I remembered and the dining hall has a new table set up that will handle 90 seats.

We made our presentation to the council and asked to know if they were willing by the end of the year so I can prepare a proposal in January if it clears.  Heaven help me, this would make me an autocrat!


Got up a little early today to be chauffeur for Sash going to his dentist.  Spent the afternoon hitting a few thrift stores then cleaning up the kitchen.  This evening I need to run 3-4 laundry loads.


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