Naturally since I needed the sleep to be ready for the coming day I didn't sleep well... kept waking... slept lightly when I did.

Today was the demo in Mullen.  I borrowed Leofwyna's van for a car pool and picked up Sash, Cat, Zino and Chiara at 8am.  We pulled into Mullen at a quarter of twelve giving us plenty of time for lunch.  We set up on the library lawn with a very good turnout of three fighters and eight (wo)maning the A&S tables.  We had lovely weather for it fortunately and though I had my cloak I didn't need to wear it.

Halftroll rode back with us as arranged.  We came back by way of Kronberg to look over the potential Cattle Raids site but it was full dark and the van's headlights could only show so much.  No problem, Sash and I will go early enough to look it over before dark Monday.


I just took it easy all day and suggested supper and a movie when Leofwyna finally woke.  We went to see Amelia and found it a nicely told account of her career.


Picked up Sash midafternoon and we were walking the site at Kronberg while there was still light.  The archery field is deep enough, the softball field is huge (we're trying for permission for equestrian), the grove has plenty of room for campers, and another greensward is big enough for a tourney field.  It's all been nicely mown regularly and is pleasant underfoot (no stubble).  We found that there is two water spigots outside which I hadn't known about.  In the hall, the double kitchen is even wider than I remembered and the dining hall has a new table set up that will handle 90 seats.

We made our presentation to the council and asked to know if they were willing by the end of the year so I can prepare a proposal in January if it clears.  Heaven help me, this would make me an autocrat!


Got up a little early today to be chauffeur for Sash going to his dentist.  Spent the afternoon hitting a few thrift stores then cleaning up the kitchen.  This evening I need to run 3-4 laundry loads.

Slipped away while Leofwyna slept to go to the Wednesday 50% clothing sale at Salvation Army. Found a cotton flannel shirt for Leofwyna she'd requested several months ago. For myself I found a cotton print skirt with black background; exactly what I need to replace the border on a star quilt top I made several years ago; maybe I can get that one quilted sometime this winter. We got together to eat supper at House of Hunan before I headed across town to the Moot Social. One of the discussions there was about a trip out to Mullen for another demo.


We went looking for rummage sales but the season is getting late and we found very few of 'em. We stopped up at Leofwyna's hospital to have a notary there witness our signed papers to close Little Sister's estate joint account; this finishes dealings with the estate lawyer up in Omaha. We're still waiting to hear the results from the life insurance decision which should come in before the end of the month. Back at home I baked brownies to surprise Leofwyna while she dug up another section of the front flower bed.
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I'm sorry to have dissapeared here for the week but it was a busy week and I didn't get on the computer much


I did find black dress pants and lavender night shift at Goodwill's senior discount day. 


Set up sunshades for sale by myself, inpressing Leofwyna greatly.  But in getting this accomplished I missed moot.


We had good weather for the sale.  We got up at six to set up, had lots of customers and cleared out lots of stuff.  A hitch in my left hip slowed me down this evening.


The weatherman's promised rain appeared this morning so we slept in and set up late for what turned out to be a very slow day of sales, especially since it rained again a couple times during the afternoon.  After packing it in I took the barony's tables out to JAV.  The hitch in my hip is annoying.


At the JAV Renaissance I set up my station and made eleven leather covered books during the day.  Although it started out cool it was a pretty day.  There was a great pennecular broach at a merchants booth I craved ($40) but I resisted.  There was some good money made for the barony from the fighters, scribes and archery activities.  It almost makes waiting ten months for the JAV check acceptable.  We've been doing this demo over ten years and the pattern has been set.  Personally I think they should pay us more promptly each year but no one seems to know how to make that happen. 

The hitch in my hip didn't bother me until evening loading up.  It's a minor sort of pain but it slows me down.  I had supper with Sash and Natalya and we sat there and talked a couple hours about A&S, kingdom and baronial doings.

Since Leofwyna's new mixed hour schedule started today she's on 3-3 tonight and Joey was quite vocal about being neglected today so I had to make it up to him this evening.

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Today I did four loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and so on and so forth.  Well into the evening I began to feel the next stages of a cold settling in and ultimately yesterday's tickle in the throat developed into sinus and upper chest congestion.  So it looks like when the alarm clock goes off in the morning I'll be calling to let my ride know I won't be going to the Mullen demo; then I'll probably go back to bed for a few more hours.  Darn it, I was looking forward to going since the weather looked to be good and this demo may be a nice one if the community turns out for it. I was going to work on bookbinding which I thought would be good visually and I'd have largess besides.
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Have I been busy?  Maybe not so much, just not following through on the journal though.


With Leofwyna at work these two days I mostly just poked about with computer and stripping samples. 


Today was our demo for the Anime Convention on campus.  We had a great display of some of our work including embroidery, armour, instruments and even shortbread for samples; there were several craftspeople doing music, wirework, illumination and calligraphy.  And of course the attention getter, half a dozen fighters doing their gig.  I'm now curious about who initiated this demo; I'm thinking it wasn't really a good fit as these kids were thoroughly 21st Century ya know? 
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After a quick grocery run for chedderwurst, peanut butter wafers and bread I got to work filling holes in the west lawn where an Elm tree was removed... oh, ten years ago.  The root system is finally breaking down and the subsequent holes are real ankle busters when I'm mowing.  Took the weedwacker and exposed six holes.  Turns out one of them has a tunnel in the hole... oh, that's where that snake disappeared to; don't want that snake to die so made sure access for the tunnel was restored after I filled in the hole with dirt and compost.  Got that seeded to grass and watered well.  Then watered Leofwyna's other new grass areas.  The first two she did a couple weeks ago are showing a really nice flush of little green blades.


Today having beautiful weather we prepared to go downtown for the "proposal demo" which turned out really well.  We dressed the courtyard of a small coffee shop down in the haymarket area with some silk banners and draped a balcony for pictures later.  The photographer and his assistant got a pair of lights and three cameras in place.  Attending were Leofwyna, Vasilla, Natalya, Katerina, Jane, Saraphina, TOCD and myself.  Mikhail and Neils made an appearance near the end.

To kill time and look 'innocent' Vasilla was playing on her drum and Leofwyna, Natalya and Jane noodled around with recorders and ocarinas for awhile.  Jane played recorder while Leofwyna, Natalya, Saraphina and Katerina learned a new dance.  Mostly I embroidered on the banner and Katerina was working part of the time on some tablet card weaving and Saraphina was adding pearls to a sleeve.  Finally the unknowing future bride showed up; as she crossed the courtyard I recognized her from the picture we'd been shown.  When she continued on into the coffee shop Vasilla and Jane headed up the alley to collect the future groom, the horse-handler and his horse. 

In short order we could hear the drum and recorder and clip-clop coming down the alley.  As the sound swelled Katerina and I held the back doors of the coffee shop open to share what was happening with those inside.  Natalya heralded, reading the calligraphied scroll she'd created for the occasion with Odierne's words.  People came out of the coffee shop, including the future bride and the proposal proceeded in a fully satisfactory manner concluding with an "Of course!"      Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah! cried the well-dressed company.

The lovely white horse and his handler exited stage left; no doubt the horse was ready for a well deserved munch.  This was a remarkably well behaved animal.  The drum and recorder music didn't disturb him and during the proposal he seemed to look on in an interested manner.

After introductions, congratulations and perusal of the ring [gorgeous!] the couple were progressed around the block accompanied with drum, recorder, banners and well-dressed company.  There was no doubt this would be a special memory for the couple for many years to come.  This was a demo we'll remember for a long time too.
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So... upon arising today I firmly set myself to preparing for the weekend making my list and packing and taking myself off to meet up with Calien and Asa at 5pm for the drive to Standing Stones for Charlemagne's Octoberfest.  We pulled into Asa's sister's place about 11pm to spend the night.  It was a camping event but the three of us in a compact car was just enough room as it was with no camping materials nor armour for Asa. 


Since both Calien and Asa were part of Her Majesty's retinue we were up early for the thirty minute drive to the event site.  Thus I was able to deliver the passports to troll before it officially opened.  The site was a lovely little park on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River.  There was a fine big pavillion for A&S during the day where the feast was served that evening.  Another large shade fly housed MoC activities.  There was of course plenty of meetings, cooking, fighting and archery.  I mostly stayed in the A&S area auditing the classes and working on my banner embroidery.

At court after various awards and event reports their Majesties were approached for the boon of inviting HL Finghuala inghean Fhearghuis to join the Order of the Laurel.  This was the same lady who had presented three of the four classes offered during the day and I was pleased with this announcement.  The vigil and ceremony will probably be at Crown Tournament in Three Rivers.

At feast I sat with Nicholas and Nina and had a most pleasant meal.  Courses were generous and tasty.  Most memorable was the delicately seasoned pork sausages with honeyed roasted vegetables and a honey-mustard sauce.  After a short session at the bardic session at the fire pit we headed back to our crash site before the real rowdiness began.

[Nina sent photos out on the Internet The lady in the saffron yellow veil is HL Finghuala]


Another early day but this one was begun with a nice stop for breakfast with Heather before getting on the road to head home.  We pulled into town around 2pm [a pleasant surprise as I'd expected not to arrive before 3pm or so].  Got home to discover Leofwyna had gone to Omaha for a movie and supper with our younger sister.  I got unloaded and unpacked and caught up with emails before going out for my own supper.  Finished the evening breaking down several more sample books and stripping paper from the poly samples.  Soon I'll be sewing up quilt tops for the ladies at home to tie off for the missions.

When I brought up that we were looking for a little lady cat to bring our residence population back up Calien thought perhaps her Summer, a Siamese mix, might suit.  They have a dog and three cats and this one isn't settling well with the others.  I'll bring it up with Leofwyna and we'll check it out.


It rained during the night and was promising more during the day so the proposal demo got postponed to next Monday.  Wouldn't you know, the sun broke out about 3pm and turned into a lovely clear evening.  Sure hope the weather works next week or somebody will be kicking themselves for this.

Leofwyna and I got busy this afternoon making a HUGE apple crisp and starting crockpot apple butter from Shelly's apples.  Leofwyna put together a nice tuna-noodle cassarole for lupper [mid afternoon meal instead of lunch] which we ate again for linner [a late dinner balancing a late lunch].   I stripped paper from cotton-linen samples until my hands were cramping... too much peeling and stuff in one day I guess.

When Leofwyna talked with Calien tonight we learned Summer wasn't declawed; that wouldn't be fair to Joseph so we're having second thoughts.  It would have been a good thing for Caleigh to be able to visit Summer here when she has cooking lessons with Leofwyna; what to do?
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Today I finished moving a compost pile over into the new bin and leveled the ground ready for seeding grass there.  There's still two half piles to finish clearing out but I have to wait for them to dry out a little so I can sift the finished compost for the garden.  Then I started digging out the first of the ten veggie beds.  I'm going to have to get every bit of crabgrass root out and break up the compacted dirt.  There's lots of nice little red worms but obviously it's become too dense for earthworms.  The compost will remedy that.  I hope to get seven beds done this fall and take out the west two which have started breaking down at the corners.  I won't do anything to the southeast bed as Leofwyna has herbs in there and is hoping to over-winter some of these.

I cleaned up this evening and went downtown for the planning session for next Monday's demo.  Natalya, Vasilla and Jane also showed up so we'll be able to direct the others in our roles Monday.  This is certainly going to be a lot of fun as long as the future bride says yes.  I'm remember being at Shakespeare on the Green in Omaha a few years back when a young man had arranged for a plane towing a banner, Marry me!  We weren't close enough to hear anything but the pantomime was clear enough.  She said no and I think everyone there was hurting for him.  Apparently he didn't know her as well as he thought he did.  I don't think that's the case in this instance but we haven't met her yet either.  Anyway, I'm going to anticipate a good time Monday.


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