Leofwyna's work put her on-call tonight but I was already committed to going to scribes. I had a scroll to deliver so I stayed and illuminated two more.


After a run to the store for roast chickens, spinach, eggs and pinenuts I made four dozen fowl pasties for Yule Court feast using my A&S entry recipe. Leofwyna had made a double batch of pie dough for me to ensure a nice crust. I have at least three people lined up for the baronial bardic competition.


Yule Court today there was a Winter in any medium A&S populous choice competition, an ox-hide fighters' tourney and an ornament exchange. We also had a farble on the subject of increasing and retaining membership that was well attended and vigorously discussed.

During the court several awards were handed out. Battle cattle were called to add Reinhard, Seraphina, Deineve (sp?) and Jane. Cambroges were given to four ladies from Scarlet Keep. Zino was given an Ancaire. Volkmar received a Golden Feather in the form of plumes for his hat. Seraphina received an Adharc Or. And Carlos was added to the ranks of the Cridhe Mor.

At the end of feast I had four entrants for the bardic championship and Maire won the jingle cap. Gwenyth performed "The Christmas Monkey" for us as is the barony tradition. Leofwyna (in the chorus line) performed the part of the monkey VERY well.


We spent the day in Omaha. We had lunch at Thai Pepper, stopped in at T.J. Maxx, five Thrift Worlds, Whole Foods and finished up with supper at the Cheesecake Factory. It started snowing just as we started back home and I drove 50-60 mph instead of 75 but no problems otherwise.

I found a set of five nested grass baskets, a dandilion fork, a green glass wasp trap and several cotton skirts/shirts for the quilting stash. There's also an Indian cotton tablecloth/bedthrow that may end up being camp garb eventually and a purple linen-cotton skirt with a decorated belt which will become a choli with the decoration on the "rib-band".


Went out at four in the afternoon and dealt with the 8-9 inches of snow so Leofwyna could get the van out to go to work. I made a run to the store and was very glad to get back home without mishap. It's cold and nasty out there!!!

I didn't go out today at all. Mostly spent my time on the computer. Leofwyna went to scribal tonight and brought back the scroll Natalya made for Yule Court for me to paint.


I needed to go to the library today and get the second part of The Fiery Cross on CD (instead of Days of Snow and Ashes) so while I was out I stopped at the south Goodwill and the 17th Street Goodwill. I found a couple shirts and skirts for the quilt stash. I also took Leofwyna's Target sale shopping list to fill... choc. chips, Del Monte veggies, cream of mushroom soup and chicken broth.

Back at home tonight I painted the scroll and it turned out really nice, if I do say so myself. When Leofwyna got home she left a note with it, Gor Geus! so that's confirmed.
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Things I need to accomplish Friday-Saturday:
* clean kitchen
put away laundry
* scribes
* gather/organize for Yule Court (goldkey, artifacts, exchange, feast, bardic)
* polish brass tray
* applications
* transcription


Time to try something new relative to this journaling since I don't want to return to the old, late habits.  Perhaps if I enter notations throughout the day as opportunity allows I'll be able to be more thorough about what I'm accomplishing and add more thoughts as well.   Found the big brass tray used for St. Agnes' halo to take to Yule Court for the artifact display (need to find the brass cleaner to use on it).  Got the kitchen cleaned along with lunch and finished putting laundry away while getting ready to head to scribes tonight.  I was the only one there painting and got the only blank Kingdom scroll available, one with acanthus leaves and four little people harvesting grapes. 
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In spite of the rain I checked in at a few thrift stores; bought a metal hanging basket to try a tomato plant in next spring.


Picked up and put away lots of odds and ends out of the living room.  Met up with Leofwyna to go to scribes where she was talked into creating a last minute scroll.  Having trouble with the Internet connection. 


Sat on the front step and re-sorted rejected samples from the car for backs for Leowyna's Victorian ornament project.   Leofwyna cooked for Sunday's event and then we went for a late supper at Golden Corral.  I ended up the day sewing up linen samples for a camp quilt.


Spent the windy but sunny day at St. Marks on the Campus at the Baronial A&S.  We had nearly forty people there including new folks Raymond, Stephanie and Saraphina.  It's certainly good to pull in some new people.  Isabeau Jehane is the new Baronial A & S champion, Gyda Glora  (Intermediateblevel winner) and Seraphina Brugari (Beginner level winner).   In addition to the A&S competition Leofwyna headed up there was a "Well-heeled Warrior" challenge sponsored by Baron Sashatec.  Winners of this were Saraphina and Viljalhmer. 

Potluck feast was great with lots of lovely variety including four soups, lasagne, four or five meat dishes, and four or five deserts which included a wonderful custard which was my weakness.

Leofwyna sold Raymond some bolt-end fabrics she had on hand and I'll be making up some merchant class garb for him... black pants with a subtle red stripe and a red linen doublet which I'll get started on this week using a Simplicity pattern I've used before for mens' garb.  Stephanie and I will go shopping for fabric for her garb and his shirt sometime this week and we'll probably make her a cotehardie and maybe an open-sided surcoat.


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Spent a quiet afternoon on the computer doing job search stuff.  Joined up with Leofwyna after work to go to scribes at Carlos and Isabeau's this evening.  I painted a kingdom scroll while Leofwyna and Isabeau drew out barony scrolls.  Nearly forgot to stop to pick up my car from the hospital parking lot on the way home.
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Got up and left the house with Leofwyna when she headed to her haircut appointment so we could spend the day hitting garage sales, estate sales and a thrift store.  Didn't want to go amok but we did find a nice wet-dry vac to replace our old one and a few thrifty other bits.  Mostly the day was for being together in the lovely mild August afternoon seeking the perfect game; the vac will do.  Went to scribes this evening where I painted 'woodgrain' and Leofwyna put together a couple outlines for illumination.  No one else came to Carlos/Isabeau's this evening so we had a quiet visit while working.
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 Harvested tomatoes and washed dishes, then spent computer time while running several Cadfael DVDs.  Leofwyna called letting me know work runs late so no dog walking for me as I head off for scribes... finished painting a pretty piece Zino started last time.  Turned out rather nicely I thought and had a nice visit with Isabeau, Carlos and Natalya.  Isabeau is working on individual baronial scrolls and Natalya is busy making scrolls for the next reign

1. A Morbid Taste for Bones (1977)
2. One Corpse Too Many (1979)
3. Monk's Hood (1980)
4. St. Peter's Fair (1981)
5. The Leper of Saint Giles (1981)
6. The Virgin in the Ice (1982)
7. The Sanctuary Sparrow (1982)
8. The Devil's Novice (1983)
9. Dead Man's Ransom (1984)
10. The Pilgrim of Hate (1984)
11. An Excellent Mystery (1985)
12. The Raven in the Foregate (1986)
13. The Rose Rent (1986)
14. The Hermit of Eyton Forest (1987)
15. The Confession of Brother Haluin (1988)
16. The Heretic's Apprentice (1989)
17. The Potter's Field (1989)
18. The Summer of the Danes (1991)
19. The Holy Thief (1992)
20. Brother Cadfael's Penance (1994)

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The plan today was to make  cookies for Sunday's revel but couldn't get ingredient at local store and didn't want to spend lots of gas going all over town.  I may stop at other stores on my way to tonight's meeting though or decide cookies aren't needed so much.

Sashetec called asking me to come tonight for banner planning with Thedrich and Zevonimyra so I may not get to scribes for scroll painting tonight.  So instead of meeting up with Leofwyna for supper and scribes I'll call her, snag a bite and head out to do the banner instead.

[ Much Later]  Hopefully Thedrich's sketch will get to me early next week 'cause Sash would like the banner in time for Cattle Raids at the end of August and Coronation in September.  Coming home from Sash's stopped at HyVee and found cayenne pepper so perhaps I'll find time to make the cookies sometime this weekend.  And it turns out the message I left for Leofwyna didn't make it to her, dammit, so she was left wondering all evening where I'd disappeared to. 


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