Jan. 19th, 2010


For the first time we offered crash space in our home and I think it went well. We put our guests up in the living room as we aren't done with putting the downstairs in order yet. As neither Leofwyna nor I had been able to locate either of the air pumps I had spent much of the evening blowing up an air mattress myself. Fortunately since they'd said they wanted to use the two sofas I didn't need to blow up any more than the one mattress. Amba, Hrolfgar and Viktor finally arrived well after eleven, instead of ten or so, because they had to drive very slowly through lots of fog.


We had a good turnout for Winter War Maneuvers with royalty visiting from three kingdoms and roughly 350 in attendance. Court included Dolan's Laurel elevation with a beautiful ceremony with music and poetry. Other awards included Torse's for Chiara and Gyda and an AOA for one of the Scarlet Keepers. There was also a fyrd given in a field court early in the afternoon to one of our lady fighters. My crashers were pretty much used up by the activities of the day and decided to head home instead of staying for the revel and crashing another night.


Leofwyna woke me at nine this morning thinking I'd forgotten to set the alarm to go help with revel clean up. Since I was awake and she was going I went too and with Natalia and Zino were done in just under an hour. We'd intended to go see the 3D version of Avatar that night but the lines were long so we decided to wait until a weeknight instead. We stopped on the way home to rent a couple movies and I watched Night in the Museum II with her before heading to bed.


I went out today to see if a ten-pack jigsaw puzzle was still at the Salvation Army. It was so I got it to surprize Leofwyna with. Turns out only five of the puzzles are in the box but the price was good enough to make that okay too. The first puzzle we put together, a night scene, went quickly so we started another of a street scene of a sidewalk cafe which is terribly 'painterly' therefore more difficult.

I also found an electric aebleskiver 'iron' with which I want to try a small batch for myself to see if it works before I surprise Leofwyna with that potential delight. If it doesn't really work I can get rid of it and avoid disappointing her with it.

This evening when Leofwyna went into the laundry room she saw one of the air pumps on the laundry table. Then as she was looking for her event basket to find her scissors she found the other pump in the top box of a stack of boxes (also in the laundry room). Can we spell embarassed and annoyed?


Today I put some sausages to heat in a pot of water for lunch and forgot them. About an hour later they made their presence known and I spent another hour chilling the house by airing out the fumes. Tonight when Leofwyna is gone to work I'll have to deal with the carbon in the bottom of the pan when it won't matter what kind of noise I may have to make in that process.


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